The Benefits of Flowers in the Workplace

Flower arrangements can make great additions to a variety of corporate environments such as offices, for numerous reasons. For example, flowers and plants can undoubtedly improve the aesthetic look of any office environment and provide a welcome splash of life and colour. However there are also a number of additional, and rather surprising, benefits of having flowers and plants in the workplace that might just surprise you. Indeed research has suggested that flowers can have a significant impact on our mood, creativity, and productivity and thus that contact with plants can have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. So here we take a quick look as some of these surprising key benefits of flowers in the workplace.


Interestingly there is some evidence to suggest that flowers in the work place may improve productivity. For example research suggests that flowers can have a positive impact on employee’s mood and studies have demonstrated that looking at flowers can in fact make us happier. Significantly there is also evidence to suggest that flowers can also help reduce stress at work, lower blood pressure, and even reduce absenteeism, making them a pretty amazing addition to any office.


Plants and flowers may also have the ability to boost creativity. One research study examining the effects of flowers and plants in the workplace demonstrated that both men and women demonstrated more innovative thinking, and generated more ideas and creative solutions to problems in an office environment that included flowers and plants. It is also thought that plants may be able to benefit our health by improving air quality, for example by increasing the amount of moisture in the air and removing certain toxins.

These surprising facts about flowers in the workplace demonstrate their powerful ability to have a positive impact on us. Here at Planteria we are experts in office flowers – supplying corporate flowers to a wide array of businesses throughout London. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality and freshest flowers possible and have an extensive range of flowers on offer. For more information about our great range of products and services please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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