Our Approach to Sustainability

Planteria believe that it is crucial for businesses to implement sustainable practices that protect our people and planet, as well as being ethically sound. We are committed to delivering our services in ways which reduce our impact on our environment and developing a place of work where people can thrive. We realise that this is also a priority of our clients and are dedicated to creating solutions which support them in their sustainability ambitions and goals.

As part of our commitment, we are working with sustainability consultants to review our business and inform our sustainability strategy. This will enable us to continuously improve our business processes and create positive progress for people and planet. By taking a strategic approach to sustainability we know we can help to:

  • Improve the quality of our lives
  • Protect ecosystems and natural resources
  • Protect fauna and flora
  • Ensure a future for generations to come
  • Prevent against exploitation

This is an incredibly exciting time for Planteria, and we will ensure that our people, clients, service partners and wider communities are kept informed of the progress we make.

Planteria are already implementing sustainable practices and innovations. Take a read of what we have been working on below:

Expert Planting Advice and Care
= Long Lasting Planting

Whenever we create a plant design for our clients, we choose the best plants for that environment, taking into consideration factors like light levels, heat and the purpose of the space.

We plan and undertake regular maintenance to ensure the plants thrive, lasting a long time and looking their best.

Peat-Free HyGro System for Interior Plants

Planteria offers a peat free planting system. The HyGro system allows us to provide indoor planting without peat, a resource that is not sustainable and is being phased out by 2028, replacing it with Leca, a light eco-friendly and non-toxic aggregate made from clay.

In addition, planting using this method also has other benefits, including eliminating soil-born pests like fruit flies.

  • Helps to control watering better
  • Makes it easier to drain out contaminated water without disrupting the plant

Moving to EV

  • We’ve already changed half our fleet to Electric Vehicles in order to reduce our emissions and cut our carbon footprint, we’re committed to replacing all our fleet to electric vehicles in the coming months.
  • Electric cars are not just better for the environment, they’re also more silent, which results in a more comfortable and relaxing experience; great to keep our drivers happy.

Reduce, Reuse,

We keep a keen eye on waste to ensure we are reducing ours, and re-cycling and reusing where-ever we can.  At Planteria, we love nature, so we’re proud to do our part and contribute to a reduction of emissions and demand for raw materials.

Specifically, some of the ways we are doing this include:

  • We collect rainwater from the roof of our building into a 20,000-gallon water butt, using this to water the plant stocks in our greenhouse.
  • Our weekly fresh flower displays are carefully packed for transport using completely recycled packaging, which is reused each week. The flowers are delivered by our electric fleet of vehicles and the old display is collected and brought back to HQ where the vases are washed, and the flowers are composted – zero waste to landfill.
  • You’ll find recycle bins in all areas of our HQ allowing staff to easily sort and recycle any packaging or waste. In our kitchen you’ll find mugs and glasses, and a dishwasher – no single use disposable coffee cups here.

Sustainable Products

While plastic is a flexible material capable of being used virtually everywhere, it’s also one of the most pressing threats our planet faces.  Planteria has taken the initiative of providing sustainable options, including pots made from recycled plastic:

  • Planters made from 100% moulded from recycled office equipment (such as phones, keyboards and computers).
  • Pots finished with any RAL colour, so they can match the style and décor of your workplace.
  • We also offer a moss wall backing that is made from Wheatboard (also known as Ecoboard), which is completely eco-friendly and made from natural wheat straw instead of wood. This product is typically leftover from harvests and disposed of, so Wheatboard gives it a new life.

Innovating with Coir

Driven by a desire to reduce the use of plastics Planteria innovated with coir for our Foli8 houseplant offering. Coir is a sustainable material that is 100% natural and organic, and made from coconut fibres.

Coir won’t need to be removed when re-potting, so the plant is not disrupted – in addition, the fibres help roots to grow stronger (they also retain more moisture), which leads to healthier plants, and it is also completely compostable.

Our Rural Roots

Our HQ is located close to London, but still in a rural location, with plenty of space for our operations, our plant stocks, and people. Instead of mowing our paddocks with a petrol mower we introduced some sheep and some chickens.