Design & fit-out

With the growing awareness of the importance of Wellbeing in the workplace, and an appreciation for biophilic design and the impact plants have on improving mood, increasing creativity and productivity, they have become an essential element in any commercial environment.

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Planteria are experts in corporate plants and flowers for business, established in 1977. We help turn your creative vision into a reality. We work with you to blend our knowledge with your design flair to specify the right kind of plants to thrive in a particular space and complement your work with the finishing visual touches.

As your biophilic partner we can support you in pitching to client on the benefits of plants in the workplace, and advising on design led planting products, allowing you to deliver the complete project for your client from beginning to end.

Why the Design Sector Choose Planteria

  • Innovation and creativity are skills we value highly, challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of industry standards are part of our core values. As a design led business, we embrace the latest planting techniques and design trends in our industry keeping our finger on the pulse of workspace evolution.
  • Biophilia – ‘The love of life and living things’ is the term used to describe our intrinsic need to be connected to nature. When we nurture that connection by spending time in nature or by adding plants to our own environment, we feel in balance, happier and calmer. As your biophilic partner we can support you with advice on the best type of plants to use in any project. If you are pitching to a client with an interest in live planting, we can join your team to provide expertise in this area.
  • Sustainability is top of our agenda, and we know it’s important for you and your clients too. We are committed to our own sustainability strategy, and as a sustainable supplier we can also help you with CSR goals, including your supply chain, and improving wellbeing in the office and biodiversity in outside spaces.
  • We are on a mission to raise awareness of the importance of biophilia in the built environment. If you’d like us to present to your team on the benefits of plants, share case studies of work we have done and discuss how we can support your projects, we’d be delighted to present our CPD on Biophilic Design to your team.
  • We have extensive experience of working on large scale projects and tenders. You can trust us to provide you with the professional expertise to work alongside you to deliver on projects for prestigious clients. In addition to this our commitment to customer service with our on-going plant maintenance contracts means your client and their planting will continue to be nurtured and cared for.