Christmas Gifts for Work Colleagues: 10 Reasons to Choose Plants!

Christmas tree with red decorations

Well, here we are, finally nearing the end of the year and as office Christmas trees start to go up all over the UK and further afield, we can certainly reflect on another unusual year!

Businesses are looking to increase their engagement and support of staff as the year draws to a close, and we are here to help. Now more than ever it’s so important to reach out and engage with your staff and clients, especially as many of them will have been working from home for quite some time over the last few years without the usual social interaction, focus and support from the office environment.

As a result, many businesses will be spending part of their usual Christmas party budget on thoughtful and symbolic gifts, such as houseplants, to let staff and clients know they are supported, valued, and most certainly not forgotten.

Given that Christmas celebrations can finally start to feel a bit more normal this year, why not consider a staff or client gift that lasts and keeps on giving?

planteria home indoor plants decor

10 Reasons to Gift Plants for Christmas:

  1. Make life as easy as possible. Planteria are offering organisations a chunky 20% discount code to purchase plant gifts for your staff or clients. You choose and we will deliver the plants direct to their doorstep. Just get in touch to set up your unique code.
  2. Indoor plants are meaningful, treasured gifts from socially conscious companies looking to give something positive back to their employees after an unusual few years.
  3. Plants are symbolic and represent tranquillity, peace, and wellbeing – something we could all use! They can also represent emotions, ideas, and actions so, by gifting a plant this Christmas season, you are sending the message that you care.
  4. Office parties as we know them will look vastly different this year and, in most cases will not happen at all. Many companies have saved money this year on business expenses and facilities costs. Plants are a lower-priced gift compared to traditional corporate gifts and they can last for years to come.
  5. The perfect way for companies to engage with staff who are working from home by providing a beautiful indoor plant and pot for their desk or living space.
  6. Plants are the ideal gift because they are eco-friendly, healthy, and not gender-specific.
  7. Indoor plants are suitable even for those with food allergies that can be triggered by ingredients in hampers or edible gifts, non-drinkers who can’t make use of that bottle of wine and others who are normally a bit more tricky to buy for.
  8. Houseplants last longer than seasonal Christmas poinsettias or freshly-cut flowers
  9. You can include a message of support and suggest the plant be placed on their desk at home to support wellness, creativity, focus and inspiration.
  10. Your staff and clients will appreciate the thoughtful gesture of something different this year!

indoor plants from planteria home

Introducing Foli8. We can provide your staff with plants perfect for the home as part of your budget. Get in touch with us today to ask for your company-wide discount so we can help you with your staff and client Christmas gifts.

Christmas Tree Trends for 2020

Are you ever too old to get excited about the Christmas season?  There is something so enchanting about Christmas decorations. The sparkle and glitter that transforms every day spaces into something quite magical.

Personally, I still have to quell the bubble of excitement and anticipation as I go about my commute, and trips to the shops heading into the Christmas season.  Seeing the streets, shop-windows and houses decked out in bright lights lifts the spirits and brings a smile to your face, and of course a Christmas Tree has to be the main attraction, the centre piece for all Christmas related events!

Christmas is a big event for the Planteria team as it’s our job to dress trees for business – from head office atriums and reception areas, to the grandest hotels and the cheeriest of pub chains, and everything in between.  We like to keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world of Christmas Decorating.  Christmas Tree trends, like anything design related, change from year to year.  With this in mind, I caught up with our Christmas Tree Guru, Lucy Sweeney to get the inside information on what’s hot for Christmas Trees for 2020.  Let’s hope it’s not hand-sanitiser filled baubles, or face-mask themed decorations!

Lucy says..

It’s interesting that Christmas tree trends often reflect fashion design with regard to colours and themes, so anything that you have seen as a strong trend on the catwalk or in interior design will be echoed in Christmas trees.  This year that means rose gold is still very popular.  Another twist on this will be rose gold mixed with gun metal grey echoing the grey interior theme which is has pervaded every bit of home furnishing for the last few years.

New for 2020, expect to see mixed metals making a statement. Think of pairing opulent metallics together.  Try out different tones of gold, from old gold to yellow-gold, pale champagne, tungsten grey and silver all mixed together to get this effect.


There will however, always be a place for ‘traditional’ trees with a colour palette of red, gold and green. Some 20 years ago when professional tree dressing became an established part of the corporate and hospitality season, all the top London hotels had very traditional trees with the red gold and green palette and lots of tartan ribbon tied on the trees as bows.

More recently, there has also been a movement for some luxury brands to create a unique twist on this and to go for something as different as possible.

For some brands this has included working with guest designers, and even modernist art installation Christmas Tree ‘pieces’ like the silver inflatable Jack Irving Tree at W London or the primary coloured Yinka Ilori ‘Tree’ at the Sanderson.


The 00’s saw a move away from tinsel and the lametta, the shiny garlands and strands of metallic plastic.  These items have started to make a resurgence from the wholesalers but are yet to make a return to the corporate sector, thank heavens!  But perhaps you will see more of them in the domestic setting?

Perhaps the biggest change over the years has been with tree lights as they moved from multicoloured, to white, and there are so many options available now. Though classic lights are by far the most sophisticated.

Planteria are ready to help you sprinkle some magic on your workspace this Christmas with 11 different decoration theme options, plus a bespoke decoration offering, as well as choices of Live Nordmann Firs, Replica Trees or Artificial Cone trees.  Whatever look you are going for – we can help deliver a Christmas to remember. See how Christmas tree trends have changed for 2021!

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