First impressions count, and make a powerful statement. Beautiful, professionally arranged fresh flowers are essential to enhance the image and personality of an organisation. Delivering style, vibrancy and life into Central London’s most elegant locations, our flowers grace luxury hotels, restaurants and the receptions and board rooms of blue-chip companies.


London renowned for its luxury hotels, with elegant décor and flawless service, so flower displays should naturally follow this standard and that’s where Planteria can help.

Hotel lobby’s today are remarkable and as a hotel florist in London we can help design flower displays suited to enhance and compliment the hotel design scheme.

We provide fresh flowers weekly and provide vases to match the aesthetic.  Stunning fresh flowers add the luxury element that make guests feel welcome and at home.


Corporate flower arrangements are visually stimulating, and studies have shown evidence that there are positive benefits of human interaction with nature; plants and flowers can improve productivity and reduce stress, ideal for supporting wellbeing in an office or a business environment.

Being around nature, including flower arrangements, is known to make individuals feel good and instantly improve moods this is a concept is called biophilia. As a corporate florist Planteria are experts when it comes to biophilic design and the interior of your office or corporate space should not be overlooked, so why not add some fresh flowers and plant displays?

Flower arrangements for corporate spaces can benefit your guests and visitors too.  Whether it is a hotel lobby, bar, or an office reception.  Fresh flowers improve first impressions for your business, creating a great positive environment and increased value perception and helping customers and visitors feel relaxed and happy. Find out how our interior landscaping services can transform your corporate space with flowers.

Our floristry service is available exclusively in central London, and we also offer an Orchid service nationwide. Elegant, potted orchids are delivered monthly, ensuring blooms are always at their best.


Planteria will provide your hotel, office or business space with fresh, bespoke and beautiful flower displays and arrangements.  Planteria has an excellent wealth of knowledge and experience in creating corporate flower arrangements. Our work is tailored to each individual interior taking into account your corporate branding, décor and colour schemes.

Our skilled and talented florists begin by securing a clear understanding of your needs, considering location, the nature of your business or event, and even the time of year.

Whether traditional or contemporary, classic or exotic, the design and attention to detail lie at the heart of our weekly corporate floristry service. We use a wide variety of seasonal flowers and a variety of vase styles, using only the finest quality fresh flowers, allowing us to provide something inspirational each time.

We will deliver a new creation each week at a time that suits – eliminating any mess or fuss. And because we’re also passionate about our impact on the environment, we collect and compost all old flower displays.

Our office, hotel and corporate flowers are sourced directly from the grower, so our arrangements stay looking perfect throughout the week, providing a constant source of joy and beauty in your workplace.