Our Values

Here at Planteria, Our values underpin who we are, why we do what we do, and what makes us so unique. We do much more than supply plants for businesses; we care about our clients and colleagues and have a real passion and drive for what we do.

Learn more about what matters to us.

hands with a heartBe Humble and Confident

  • If you believe you can…you will. Believe in yourself,
    be courageous.
  • Grow with dignity and integrity.
  • There is no need to blow your own trumpet;
    let others do it for you.
  • We feed on passion and determination, but
    arrogance destroys the value of others.

chat bubbleBe Involved

  • Contribute, make a difference, pitch in, speak out
  • Understand the journey and be part of it; don’t be
    here just for the ride.
  • You get out what you put in.

sun logoBe Positive and Energetic

  • Find solutions not problems – ‘Can-do’ attitude
  • Have a growth mindset – bias for action
  • Strive for excellence don’t be restrained by perfectionism.
  • Bring the sunshine with you, leave your troubles
    at the door.

puzzleThink ‘TEAM’

  • We achieve more and get there faster when we collaborate
    and work together.
  • We’re not here to feed or protect our ego’s – it kills talent and
    stifles trust.
  • It’s ok to make a mistake…until you blame someone else, we’re in this together – take responsibility.

targetBe Relentless to Improve

  • Challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of
    industry standards.
  • Smash targets, beat records, streamline processes,
    cut out waste and think outside the box, but don’t
    forget to invest in and improve yourself.
  • Fight the resistance to change.
  • Embrace systems and technology.

star logoCreate WOW!

  • Aim to create WOW moments in everything we do
  • Small acts of unexpected kindness create powerful
    impacts and are never wasted.
  • Speed stuns – fast responses, fast quotes, fast
    solutions, fast reporting
  • Go the extra mile.

handshake logoBe Honest and Respectful

  • Do what’s right at the right time – even when
    no one is looking.
  • Keep promises and stick to deadlines.
  • Promote and embrace constructive and
    candid feedback.
  • Respect all your colleagues, our clients and
    our suppliers.