Property Management Sector

Planteria is the leading specialist in plants and flowers for business, established in 1977. Covering the whole of the UK, our fully trained technicians are directly employed by us.

We are fanatical about customer service, offering just one point of contact, the assurance of a high standard of service and rapid response times to any query, we are perfectly set up to be your specialist planting provider. Our service, designed with multi-site and property managers in mind aims to reduce your administration, and associated costs. In addition to this, we provide an on-line plant service for houseplant gifts that can be sent anywhere in the UK.

Why the Property Management Sector Choose Planteria

  • We understand the property sector is changing. Your role is to add value for your clients, the move to hybrid working means that offices must be highly attractive, innovative, and exciting places. With the growing realisation of the importance that office plants and biophilia play in the workplace and their effect on wellbeing, creativity, and productivity plants have become an essential element in any commercial environment. We are the experts in this area.
  • Sustainability and corporate responsibility are important to us and to your clients too. We are committed to our own sustainability strategy, and helping clients with their CSR goals, such as improving wellbeing in the office and biodiversity in your outside spaces.
  • Innovation and creativity are skills we value highly, challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of industry standards are part of our core values. We embrace new technologies and design trends in our industry, keeping our offering exciting, and our finger on the pulse of workspace design trends.
  • Biophilia – ‘The love of life and living things’ is the term used to describe our intrinsic need to be connected to nature. When we nurture that connection by adding plants to our own environment, we feel in balance, happier and calmer. We want to add value for our clients, and we are on a mission to raise awareness of the importance of biophilia in the built environment. If you’d like us to present to your team or residents on the benefits of plants, share case studies of work we have done and discuss how we can support your projects, we’d be delighted to attend your operations team or events.
  • Our business is built on excellent service and this continues to be our priority. We put Service Level Agreements in place to give you peace of mind. We provide a consistency of service across all your properties, and if required a consistency in style, helping you to maintain your brand identity as you scale your business.
  • We offer instant, transparent reporting of service visits, to keep you fully informed at all times.
  • A UK wide service with directly employed uniformed staff, helping you to consolidate existing contracts to streamline administration. One company, one contract, one contact for all your needs.