Office Moss Walls

Contemporary and quirky, interior moss walls give an instant uplifting impact in any indoor space. The added benefit is that they are also very low maintenance.

Interior Office Moss Walls

Moss walls make a great choice for offices and businesses across the UK. If you are looking for a way to bring in biophilic elements that will change the look and feel of your space, creating that link to nature and improving well-being, moss walls are a simple solution. Not only are moss walls a very low maintenance option, but as a living wall, moss also has the added benefit of absorbing sound.

Moss is a beautiful, natural product that can be used in any interior, even in places where there is no natural daylight.  Moss brings ‘nature’ indoors.

The possibilities are endless; moss artwork, moss walls, moss ceilings. We can even create your logo with moss or incorporate neon lighting signs with a moss background.  Everything is tailor-made in our own workshop according to the desired dimensions, type of moss and finishing.  We work with all types of moss; Bun Moss, Flat Moss, Reindeer Moss – or a combination of all three.

The moss we use comes from forests in Northern and Eastern Europe where it is grown on reserves to prevent over-exploitation. It is harvested by hand by recognised companies. This process is completely harmless to nature because the moss is renewable and sustainable. After harvesting, the moss is cleaned and treated with an environmentally friendly liquid preparation.  The moss can also be dyed and we provide a range of colour options.  As a result, the moss continues to look lovely for many years to come and retains its natural colour and beauty.

interior moss wall in the shapes of the continents across the world

Benefits of Interior Moss Walls

  • Natural appearance
  • 100% natural product
  • Acoustic dampening
  • Low maintenance
  • No daylight needed
  • Easy to install and lightweight
  • Can be incorporated into your space whether it’s part of a fit-out or an existing interior scheme