The Brief

Bravura Solutions Limited is a leading provider of software solutions for the wealth management, life insurance and funds administration industries. Bravura were looking to enhance their new office space, the design of which has a strong biophilic influence, with living plants to complete the look.


The Solution

Bravura had installed banks of lockers in their offices for colleagues to store items, for complete agile working, allowing them to work from any location within the office. The locker tops have been adorned with a colourful variety of plants, bringing fresh, natural beauty to the space and also providing the added benefits of improving air-quality and well-being. Here we specified Croton Petra, Asplenium, Aglaonema Silver Bay and Maria, Chamedorea Elegans, Calathea Medalion Tradescanthia and Kentia Palms to create a jungle feel.

The inviting and relaxing soft seating area was given a further touch of charm with the addition of an architectural soft grey trough planter of Calathea Insignis and a white planter of Polyscias Ming.

Finally, to add the finishing touches to the corridor a we put up four grey framed living pictures complete with their living art of mixed plants. These will flourish to fill and cascade from the frame and can easily be changed at any time with alternative plant types, for a completely different look, as desired.