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Peperomia Ferreyrae
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How to Combat WFH Fatigue

Special guest blog by Katie Henry, Director and Founder of Art in Offices. Are you still working from home (WFH)? Us too and, to be honest, we’re getting a little tired of it. There are...

Planteria Urban Jungles
Biophilic designPlants

We LOVE The Urban Jungle Trend

Having just a solitary plant by the window is no longer the norm – offices across the nation are creating their own little patches of green and incorporating plants into their interior décor. The...

Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Trends for 2020

Are you ever too old to get excited about the Christmas season?  There is something so enchanting about Christmas decorations. The sparkle and glitter that transforms every day spaces into...

Bedroom with plants biophillia
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6 Plants That Induce Sleep

The Daily Mirror once reported that over a third of the British public was suffering from sleep problems. The NHS have since provided a report that considers the methods in which this information...

Biophilic designFlowersNature & EnvironmentPlanteria GroupPlantsWorkplace Wellness

Outside Spaces and How to Make the Most of Them

Outside spaces at the workplace can often be forgotten about, but we’re looking to change that.  An outside space can be a place for relaxation, re-energising, and creativity.  We strive to...

Nature & Environment

Celebrating Butterfly Awareness Day

The 2nd June was a cause for celebration at the beauty that is the butterfly. Every year BEAD (Butterfly Education and Awareness Day) allows you to learn all about the stunning insects and their...

Biophilic designWorkplace Wellness

The Three Pillars of Biophilic Design

Biophilia is a current buzzword in the world of well-being and workplace design. Planteria Group have written a White Paper on the subject, and there are lots of excellent in-depth pieces of work...

Planteria Group

Planteria Group Growing Staff

Introducing two of our newest employees at Planteria Group: Bronwyn Anderson and Casey Gill. Please join us in welcoming them to our growing team! To get to know Bronwyn and Casey a bit better,...

Workplace Wellness

International Nurses Day

May is an important month for health, nurses and mental health awareness. Every year on May 12th we celebrate International Nurses Day. Nurses save lives and create wellbeing and International...

Biophilic designPlantsWorkplace Wellness

Innovation Design Trends for 2019

So you’re thinking of a new look for the new year, one that will inspire your staff and attract new customers without turning away your old ones, we’re here to give you a heads up on what we...

Christmas Trees

How to Plan the Perfect Christmas

Christmas may well be the most wonderful, magical time of the year, but it’s not without stress. From buying presents for so many different people, having to wrap each one in beautiful paper (and...

Nature & EnvironmentPlanteria Group

Bee Aware

Bees have been getting quite a lot of ‘air-time’ of late, but for all the wrong reasons. They are in danger.   Bee populations are declining Since 2010, there has been a 45% decline in the...

PlantsWorkplace Wellness

4 Tips to Boost Morale

Four Simple & Inexpensive Ways to Improve Morale in Your Workplace: by Chloe Pooley @ Liquidline Making a good impression on behalf of your company doesn’t just revolve around your...

Nature & Environment

Celebrating National Parks Week

There are many things associated with the UK: tea that solves a multitude of ills, rain that never ceases and queuing that is a national sport in itself. Yet this sceptered isle is also renowned...

Planteria Group

In Safe Hands Across The UK

Proud to be a national provider of corporate planting and floristry services We often tell our clients that we are a National Provider and we do so with some pride, but why does that matter, who...

Christmas Trees

The Business Case for Celebration

We’ve all been through a lot this year, Brexit, financial instability on the markets, turbulent politics at home and outside the UK. In true British style when the going gets tough the tough find...

Planteria Group

GOSH Fundraising Donation

Fundraising through charity events at our office is one of the ways that we work together to support those in need. Most recently, we supported Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children with a...

Planteria Group

Planteria’s Superhero

We have a fantastic team of technicians at Planteria, who deliver and maintain plants and flowers for our clients. But there is a special role that one man has… Tom Evans our ‘superhero’...


Fresh Flower Care – Top Tips.

At Planteria, we pride ourselves on the quality of the flowers we supply to our customers. Our weekly fresh flower service brings you a perfect arrangement in a beautiful vase, so no mess or fuss...

Planteria Group

NPS score still on the up!

Our Net Promoter Score system (NPS) tracks the level of satisfied clients by asking them the vital question (“how likely are you to recommend us?”). We are very excited about our progress over...

Workplace Wellness

What Workers Really Want

More than simply working to survive, modern workers in developed nations desire to be able to take pride in their work, make a meaningful contribution, and gain respect from their peers. The...

Nature & EnvironmentPlanteria GroupPlantsWorkplace Wellness

We’re on a high for the End of the Year!

Over the past year we’ve been busy. Our No.1 focus was to get our service from a good standard, to a great standard, to exceed all expectations…it’s been hard work and our service team have...

Biophilic designPlantsWorkplace Wellness

Window Boxes in the City

You may have heard the expression – ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. This is certainly true. Research indicates that impressions are formed very quickly, sometimes in...

PlantsWorkplace Wellness

How to Reduce Work Related Stress

April is national “Stress Awareness Month” and as we take a look at the issue of stress in the workplace, we’re pleased to offer some suggestions for making things better for you and your...

Biophilic designPlants

Operation Maximisation

Operation – Maximisation! A Facilities Manager may understand the phrase ‘squeezing a quart into a pint pot’ better than anyone else. With office space, especially in City Centre locations...

Biophilic design

Terrariums Add Style

Terrariums are making a stylish statement in luxury hotels, restaurants and in the receptions and board rooms of blue-chip companies thanks to our help. These exceptional planters offer a...

Workplace Wellness

10 Tips for Workplace Wellness

Employee Wellbeing How do you measure the happiness and wellbeing of your employees? Do you know how your staff are really feeling when they’re in the office and how they feel after leaving...

Biophilic design

Biophilia White Paper

We spend a great chunk of our lives at work. For some, this isn’t so bad. Walk into a high-ceilinged workspace, filled with natural light, artwork and plant life and it’s more than likely your...

Biophilic design

Moss Walls: Q & A

Greenery is much sought-after in today’s workplaces and within the hospitality industry, not only because it enhances a space visually, but it also has positive effects on health & wellbeing....

Nature & Environment

Top Ten Scary Plants

We love plants; they’re calming, they improve your décor, and they reduce C02 levels in the home and office. But there are plenty of plants that you wouldn’t want to find in your office at 9 am...

Planteria Group

Meet the Team Event, London

Our Meet the Team Event day was a great success. The concept was to give our existing and potential clients an insight into our organisation and services. A good number of plant displays, showing...

Planteria Group

Looking Back at 2018

2018 was an excellent year for growth at Planteria, with both new and existing clients engaging with our business. We ended the new year on a high, with our annual event to celebrate our...

Workplace Wellness

The Secret to Happiness at Work

We hear about it all the time; it could be you or it could be a colleague, but someone that you know, somewhere right this second, is currently complaining about their line of work. What we are...

Biophilic designPlantsWorkplace Wellness

The Rise of the Shared Workspace

Start-up businesses have a problem: today’s rent is too high to work from a traditional office set-up. But perhaps you have the solution – would you consider opening up your property as a shared...

Biophilic design

Lunch and Learn

Want to have a fully engaged workforce that understands your whole business? Lunch and Learn sessions are a perfect place to start. Create a culture of continual learning and ideas sharing, and...

Planters of indoor plants providing nice dividers in open plan office space
Nature & EnvironmentPlantsWorkplace Wellness

Forest Bathing

Everyone has those days, you know the ones – those days when you knock your coffee over at work, get bumped into in the street and forget to send a time-sensitive email. For that week when things...


Blooming Spring

As if taken somewhat by surprise, trees nationwide are jumping into colour. The UK has already been beset by a blaze of cherry blossoms, and by April we can expect to see our forests flooded with...

Workplace Wellness

World Health Day Is Getting Greener

April 7th is World Health Day; an important day for individuals, families and businesses to look a little more introspectively at how they live and whether there are any areas for improvement....

Christmas TreesPlanteria Group

Bring and Share Christmas Food!

Christmas and New Year’s festivities are a must for offices across the country – the chance to create some merriment and festivity in the, normally corporate workspace, with decoration and...

Biophilic design

Architect’s CPD Presentation

Improve your knowledge of Biophilic Design and the Inclusion of Plants in the Workplace At Planteria we are passionate about what we do and why we do it. To add value to the Design, Fit-Out and...


What Desk Plant Are You?

With the weather getting warmer and much of the UK’s countryside at the peak of its beauty, more people are getting out and about to enjoy and appreciate it, going on walks or sitting in the...

Nature & EnvironmentPlanteria Group

Beekeeping: Our Story and Advice

Our head office team are all buzzing about our honeybees, and you might be too if you knew how important they were and how easy it is to keep them. In this article, we share our experience of...

Biophilic design

Top Tips for an Office Make-Over

  FUNCTIONAL FITTINGS Interior design trends for 2020 are all about functional fittings. In the home, this translates to tidy rooms with pull-out furniture like sofa-beds, futons and...

white flowers with a green background

How Flowers Can Lift Your Mood

There has been lots of research carried out to show the impact flowers can have on your mood, attitude and general happiness. Flowers definitely make people happy upon receival, but they are also...

red rose with raindrops

Most Popular Flowers In Britain

Flowers are a thing of natural beauty. Many of us have personal preferences for which are our favourite. Some flowers are popular because of their unique fragrance, beauty, or sometimes both....

Beautiful sunflowers growing in field in front of blazing sunshine

Spotlight On: The Sunflower

With the arrival of summer, we thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about the sunflower. Not only are they fantastic summer flowers, they also hold a special meaning. According to...

Fragrant Flowers

We’ve spent plenty of time talking about how flowers look great and are the perfect way to brighten up your office with their pretty colours and striking patterns. But one thing we haven’t talked...