UST Global

The Brief

UST Global, Solve significant, next-generation technology problems for Fortune 500 companies all over the world. The people at UST are tasked with the challenge to innovate, inspire, evolve and make the world a better place through their solutions. The workplace at UST is designed enable it’s people to create great results, whilst also nurturing well-being and work-life balance.

The Solution

UST Global’s office is bright and beautiful. Crisp whites, a vibrant colour pallet of sea blue, orange, red and plenty of natural light make this a well-designed place to work with an energetic vibe. We added cabinet top plants to the end of the workstations here, with a mix of plants with variegated leaves. We installed living pictures with white frames, which contrasted against the vivid wall with striking effect. The living pictures were planted out with mixed planting, which will spread when established to fill the frame with verdant foliage. We used white and red planters for the floor standing planting, and also featured Zamioculcas, Red Anthurium and Orchids.