Global Management Consultants

the Brief

This Global Management Consulting firm serves some of the most successful organisations in the world, and have an office that reflects their high standing and integrity.

This client had a vision for their offices and wanted to add the finishing touches of beautiful green plants for a look of modernity and innovation that matches the ethos of their company

the Solution

The interior designers have created a tranquil office environment with a cool colour pallet of soft grey, white, blue and lilac.  We specified a selection of contemporary and unusual planters in white and grey tones, including a mix of wall planting and floor standing planting.   The aim was to add interest, innovation, variety and a sense of well-being.

We installed two ‘wonder-walls’ with cascading planting, and several silver framed living pictures containing an array of different plants. A grand Ficus Ginseng in a curved white ‘blob’ container graces the break-out area.  A large Monstera, stands proudly in the collaboration space, and in the south side of the office you’ll find a large Scindapsis with just the right balance for the space. Long lasting orchids add sophistication to the reception area. Finally, the beautiful Café has a living picture and corner planter of mixed cacti and succulents for an impressive effect.