Biophilic Design Consultancy

Making it easy to integrate planting into architecture

Planting is now a huge part of architectural design.  

Greenery is being integrated from the project’s conception, not just an afterthought.  But with this, comes the complication of understanding the whole world of internal planting.

Apart from the human occupants, plants are the only other living elements in your buildings. 

Involving a biophilic design consultant early in the process helps ensure these living plants thrive and enhance the built environment.

The modern JLL Birmingham office space with a group of nine staff in a casual meeting setting. Beautiful mixed planting from Planteria Group


Improved mental health

Bringing nature into built environments has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, increase productivity and enhance creativity. 

Connection to nature

Biophilic design helps foster a stronger connection to the natural world, which studies show is important for overall wellbeing. It reminds us that we are part of the broader natural systems.

Environmental benefits

Biophilic elements like natural light, ventilation and greenery can reduce energy usage in buildings. Plants also improve indoor air quality by filtering pollutants.

Professional meeting in a bright, modern workspace. Five staff members are engaged in a discussion around a table. The environment is enhanced by lush greenery in the background, adding a refreshing touch to the corporate setting.


People want planting in their offices, homes and public spaces. But integrating living plants requires careful planning to ensure your biophilic design vision is achieved and will last for years to come.

We help you with:

Lighting requirements for different plant species

Substrate types, weights and drainage requirements

Ideal depths, sizes and load-bearing for integrated planters & green walls

Plant & substrate selection to reduce pest issues

Depths, sizes, weights and growing conditions for internal feature trees


As your Biophilic Design Consultant, we will help bring your biophilic vision to life.  We ensure that the planting within your projects is feasible, economical and impressive for years to come. 

We help you integrate planting into the architectural design from conception – not an afterthought once construction is complete. This allows greenery to be seamlessly woven into the space, not tacked on later.

We help you keep control of the design – ensuring the stunning design you envisage doesn’t get ‘value engineered’ out or scaled back when the finished site gets handed over to the facilities management teams.

At Page Group Leeds, two professionals stand in their new office discussing at a laptop. The setting features stylish, contemporary furniture with vibrant blue and red accents and a large potted tree, contributing to the sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere of the space.

next steps

Let us help bring your biophilic design concepts to life.

Joining projects from RIBA Stage 3 to Stages 5, 6 & 7 our technical and design teams can advise on creating the ideal habitat for planting enabling a seamless integration of biophilia and architecture.

We’d love to discuss your next project.