The Brief:

Video Ad Tech Company, Unruly, are forward thinking future shapers with a brand and culture to match.  

Their large Central London offices are designed to maximise creativity on every front, mixing and matching styles and themes, for an office as fun and exciting as the work they produce. The unique offices define different areas with contrasting styles, offering a choice of working environments and meeting rooms to stimulate creative minds 

The Solution:

We used planting to enhance and co-ordinate with the diversity of the design,

Bright yellow planters and Ficus Benjamina coordinate in the spacious reception area.  We added large Olive Trees in textured bark containers in the park room which complement the astro and the deckchairs, bringing the outdoors, indoors.  

Quirky up-side-down planters were used in another area and a retro Schefflera Arboricola Nora plant was added to the ‘70’s room to complete the homely feel.  

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