M Moser Associates

The Brief

This project for M Moser for a London Client shows how effective planting can be in adding the finishing touches to a workplace design scheme, creating an inspirational space with a distinctive contemporary style.

Global Workplace Experts M Moser, designed the décor with planting to be very much a key feature.  Planteria were able to turn M Moser’s vision into reality, while meeting the client’s specific budget, win-win!

The Solution

This predominately open plan office space, with its Mondrian-esque panel dividers and blocks of bold primary colour feels very cool and art inspired.  The unusual 1960’s style furniture and industrial elements make it truly unique.

We selected trailing Scindapsus for planting positioned high at the top of the pillars.  The office has plenty of natural light which is ideal for helping plants to thrive.  The trailing plants have a retro quality to them which works well in this scheme.  This style of planting was also useful for balancing the workspace design.  With plenty of interesting features at floor level, and also on the high ceilings with their unusual industrial lighting features, the pillar planting adds both interest and a focal point at mid height, tying the look together.

Abundant, mixed planting was used on top of the storage cabinets at the side of the work-stations providing additional privacy and sound absorption.  The placement of this planting means it will be seen and appreciated by staff in this area and should improve mood and wellbeing for the occupants.  Additional desk plants in complementary pots adorn the desks and booth seating area.

Low level black trough planters, strategically placed, were carefully chosen for their curved edge design, echoing the curved delineation of the flooring.  The troughs were planted out with lush mixed plants to give a variety of texture and colour; including, Monstera Adansonii (monkey mask) Monstera Deliciosa (cheese plant), Croton Petra, Calathea Medaillion, Chamaedorea Elegans, Alocasia Amazonica (elephant ears), and Cordyline Fruiticosa Mambo.

We also selected some extra-large specimens of Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica) and Umbrella Plant (Schefflera) in suitably impressive grey stone effect floor standing planters for the completed plant designs.