The Brief

Hyperion is an international insurance intermediary group with insurance broking and underwriting agency arms. Hyperion engaged with a leading architect who designed their London office with great attention, resulting in a truly inspiring and beautiful finished result featuring plenty of space and natural light. The architect has thoughtfully designed an abundance of natural planting into the overall scheme with an emphasis on biophilia as a key feature of the design, flowing throughout the workspace. Our task was to ensure that the architect’s vision was faithfully executed, using the best possible plant varieties to thrive in the light conditions in each area of the building.



The Solution

Across each floor, trough and cabinet top planters had been included in the design and we filled them with a varied mix of planting to give an Eden-like feel using a profusion of tropical plants, ensuring that wherever you are in the office you’ll have that calm sense of well-being that plants create.

We used many different types of planting, some that featured heavily include; Philodendron Congo Green, Zamioculcas, Monstera Deliciosa, and Asplenium – Amy and Privata,Scindapsis, Monstera Obliqua, Aglaonema Maria and Ivy Jessica.

We used low level mixed succulents to fill the fresh white cabinet top planters for a fun, contemporary look

In the dining area, the soft blue booth seating and stylish lighting is set-off to great effect by the high-level, ceiling-display cabinets for the plants. We specified an assortment of ceramic pots in a blend of neutral colours, the plants were chosen for their interesting leaf shapes, including both hanging and trailing varieties.

In the breakout areas and client lounges we chose some imposing planters in grey, white and black and planted them with large, magnificent specimens, including;Phildendron Xandu, Ficus Lyrata and Zamioculcas for a jungle utopia feel.

Planteria supply both fresh flowers and planting to Hyperion. Flowers make a stunning first impression in reception and client / executive suite areas and are appreciated, and often commented on, by both clients and colleagues alike.