The Brief

From the South Bank of the Thames, the view across to the City of London is phenomenal. Our client Veritas, the leader in enterprise data protection, has a premium location, with an impeccable interior designed by workspace experts Peldon Rose. The bar had been set high, and their planting scheme needed to match.

Veritas gave us a brief to include innovation and practicality, reflecting their values. With a commitment to operating sustainably, we enjoyed working on this project, helping Veritas visibly display its green credentials. We employed a meticulous planting design strategy where each display was hand-chosen for the space it was to occupy and for maximum impact.

The Solution

Sometimes it is better to let the visuals do the talking. Veritas chose a bespoke Moss wall with neon-light company branding.

Moss walls deliver maximum visual impact, taking up minimal space. Here, the bun moss provides an organic feel, with a contemporary look that is visually impactful for a great first impression.

This welcoming reception already interweaves the old and the new; stone walls and wooden floors juxtapose with contemporary furnishings and tall ceiling to floor windows. The sophisticated white orchid display on the reception desk is what your eyes land on first before you spot the unparalleled views of London. The Ficus Elastica positioned at the end of the sofa gives an additional soft touch of greenery to the interior.

Cabinet-top trough planting ensures the continuation of vibrant greenery across the workspace. As well as being attractive, having plants in the office is proven to elevate wellbeing, creativity, and productivity levels for the occupants.