In collaboration with the Design & Fitout company Area, Planteria had the privilege of transforming Endava’s London offices into a vibrant biophilic oasis.

Leveraging our expertise in providing plants and planters, we curated a stunning array of greenery that perfectly complemented Area’s visionary design, enhancing the overall ambiance and employee well-being.

Planting and pots at Endava, London by Planteria
Planting and pots at Endava, London by Planteria

Endava, a global technology company, sought to create an inspiring office space that fostered creativity, productivity, and a connection with nature. To bring their vision to life, they enlisted the expertise of Area, a leading architectural and interior design firm renowned for its innovative and sustainable designs.

Design Concept

Area’s design concept revolved around blending the modernity of the corporate world with the tranquility of nature. They envisioned an office environment that would invigorate employees and provide them with a sense of tranquility amidst the bustling cityscape.


Planting and pots at Endava, London by Planteria
Planting and pots at Endava, London by Planteria

planteria’s contribution

As a leading provider of plants and planters with a keen eye for design, Planteria played a pivotal role in bringing the transformation of Endava’s workspace to life. Our work resulted in the integration of carefully selected plants and planters that harmonized with the overall design theme.

Plant Selection

To complement the warm wood panelling present throughout the office, Planteria recommended a number of plants including the elegant and resilient Ficus Robusta Tineke plants. These not only added a touch of greenery but also harmonized perfectly with the wooden elements, creating a sense of continuity and cohesion in the space.

Impressive Planters

Understanding the significance of cohesive design, Planteria curated an array of planters that were as impressive as they were diverse. From stone and ceramic to hessian planters, each container was chosen with meticulous attention to detail to match the colour theme and elevate the office’s overall aesthetic.

Locker Top Planting

The locker tops provided a unique opportunity for creative planting displays. Planteria incorporated a mix of striking Monstera Andansoii, elegant Satin Pothos, air-purifying Aglonema, and eye-catching Calathea Freddie plants. This well-balanced selection not only enhanced the office decor but also contributed to a healthier indoor environment, promoting better air quality and employee well-being.

Planting and pots at Endava, London by Planteria

Employee Well-Being

Numerous studies have emphasized the positive impact of greenery on employee well-being. With an abundance of lush foliage, Endava’s workspace became a haven of calmness, promoting a healthier work-life balance and enhancing the overall job satisfaction of its employees.

Planting and pots at Endava, London by Planteria

Planteria is proud to have contributed to the transformation of Endava’s London offices into a thriving and inspiring workspace. 

The seamless collaboration between Planteria, design company Area, and Endava resulted in a harmonious blend of architecture, interior design, and greenery, setting new standards for modern workspaces. 

Through the strategic use of thoughtfully chosen plants and planters, we achieved a space that not only looks stunning but also fosters creativity, boosts productivity, and enhances the well-being of Endava’s employees.

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