DLA Piper

The Brief

DLA Piper is a global law firm, leading the field by helping their clients succeed, and delivering a service that is focused on quality and value. DLA Piper’s London office reflects its professional, progressive and trusted status. The flagship office has been skilfully designed with precision, symmetry and order, leaving you in no doubt that this is a place where efficiency and attention to detail is a top priority. Our brief was to incorporate planting into the design to enhance the décor and ambience of this exceptional workspace.

The Solution

We carefully specified the planting into this cleverly designed space, where expert use has been made of all areas of the floors, offering places for collaboration and privacy. Geometric cabinet displays and floating shelving is a feature that is quite literally brought to life with a verdant variety of planting; Aglaonema Stripes, Microsorum (or Java) Fern, Asplenium, trailing Philodendron Scandens and trailing Lobbianus, were chosen for an interesting juxtaposition of leaf shape and texture.

In the desking areas, maximum use has been made of the cabinet tops by adding a mixture of different Sansevieria specimens. These impressive swathes of plants have the benefits of helping to improve air quality, incorporate biophilic design by bringing nature into the space to create an added sense of well-being, whilst also prevent the cabinets from attracting any clutter.

The clean lines of the hallways were enhanced by simple white, floor standing troughs filled with Aglaonema Stripes, a bold variegated green and silver leafed specimen.

In the dining area, the structural open shelving design is adorned with numerous larger plants in neat, black and white plant pots, chosen for stunning effect, giving the area a feeling of tranquillity and privacy.