Indoor Office Plants for Hire

Are you looking to add some beautiful vibrant plants to your Office? You are definitely in the right place. We are experienced indoor plant experts with many years experience transforming interior office landscapes for our clients. We can help you find the perfect indoor plants for your space. Indoor plants can be exotic, tropical plants, naturally found in warm climates, even in jungles. You can transform your workspace into an oasis of tranquility with the addition of some of these beautiful specimens using our office plant service. From desk plants to hanging plants, flowers for businesses, large plants or small plants we have a wide selection of office plants for hire available. We can take the stress out of maintaining your office plants by offering them out on a rental basis. This means we come in and look after them, maintain their appearance and also upgrade them, often seasonally or otherwise.

Containers & Plant Pots

Just as important as the perfect indoor plant, is finding the perfect plant pot to compliment your décor and create an impact.

This is part of our office plant hire service and we have a huge choice of planters in every colour and style imaginable from ultra-modern to rustic. Finding the perfect match and helping you achieve the look you have visualised is part of our interior landscaping services, we can even provide planters in specific pantone colours or exact-fit cabinet top planters complete with waterproof liners.

So, whether it’s a Kentia Palm or a Monstera Deliciosa you want, our office plant service can help you with just the right combination of plant and container for your space.


From newly refurbished buildings, luxury hotels, courtyards, roof-tops and more, our cutting edge planting designs and bespoke way of working has brought life to a vast array of environments.

To learn more or look for inspiration, take a look at our case studies.

Benefits of Office Plants

The way your office is presented can make a great impression for your client, but also boost office morale amongst the employees. By adding plants and flowers to your office it can increase productivity, reduces stress, while providing cleaner air, helping your employees having a more comfortable day at work.

Research and science have concluded that employees were 15% more productive when workplaces were filled with plants, as employees who actively engage with their surroundings are better workers. That is why investing in office plants for hire is a great asset for the working environment, it allows employees to connect back to nature and become more productive.

Supporting plants in the office space is not just for the employee’s benefit but also for your clients and customers, creating a positive ambiance when they walk through the door.  You can impress guests with outstanding boardrooms, striking reception plant displays and much more.

At Planteria we know that it can be hard to find the right plants to go with the design of your office but also the upkeep of the plants. That’s why our indoor office plant service is in place, our expert team can design and source all the plants needed to boost the appearance of your indoor space, while matching your business’ aesthetic.

Biophilic Designs from Planteria

Biophilia is the science behind the need of people to align ourselves with nature. The design of a workplace is constantly evolving through various trends and the rising trend and recognition of biophilic design is hard to ignore. When biophilic design is expertly combined by the team here at Planteria, it has the potential to help organisations reach peak in both physical and mental performance within the workplace.

Our office plants for hire is a brilliant investment in employee health, wellbeing and performance. As biophilic experts, we will create beautiful designs that will maximise the office atmosphere, by adding items such as desk plants, planters, living walls, indoor hanging plants and more. See our case studies for ideas.

How we work

Working on a consultative basis, our process begins with a visit, allowing us to discuss specific requirements and get a feel for an organisation’s space, location and corporate image. Then we create exciting designs, specifying plants that will thrive in your environment, and provide an accurate quote. We can also work with your interior design team’s mood boards and floor plans.

Once a planting solution and maintenance contract is chosen, our installation team deliver and install the new greenery, all with minimum disruption. An assigned technician will then make regular, scheduled visits to ensure plants are watered, fed and in perfect condition.

Your total satisfaction is central to our business and our customer service team are just a phone call or email away to assist with any queries.