Green Walls

If you want to make a real impact in your work-space or location and give it the wow factor, office Green Walls are an excellent choice.

Living Green Walls for Offices & Hotels

Innovative and contemporary, office Green Walls are great for adding planting to any area, and what’s more they don’t take up any floor space! These living walls make your business memorable for visitors and improve the mood of everyone who works there.

There are green living wall options to suit all locations and budgets. You can opt for an office living wall complete with its own irrigation system, ideal for courtyards or for impressive entrances and facades.

Alternatively we do also offer Artificial Green Walls which are an excellent alternative to live planting.  With a variety of different foliage looks, these very realistic artificial green walls give you the biophilic vibe in your office or corporate space without the need for watering.  Artifical green walls are great for areas that it is not practical to install live planting.

Or how about a beautiful interior moss wall, the perfect solution for an unrivalled office interior landscape.  Our bespoke Moss Walls created for your interior and office space are designed around your requirements, with 10 shades of preserved moss to play with, the only limits are your imagination.  This is a green wall for your commercial space that will require minimal ongoing maintenance and provide you with many years of pleasure.

Living Pictures and Living Panels for Offices

Living pictures and Panels make stunning additions to any interior space.  Own a piece of living art, with the option to change up your planting from season to season for a completely fresh look.  These corporate planting systems work almost anywhere with different frame colours available to enhance your décor.


How we work

Working on a consultative basis, our process begins with a visit, allowing us to discuss specific requirements and get a feel for an organisation’s space, location and corporate image. Then we advise what will work best in your environment and design the best options to match your specification, providing an accurate quote based on a minimum contract spend.. We can also work with your interior design team’s mood boards and floor plans.

Once a planting solution and maintenance contract is chosen, our installation team deliver and install your green wall or living pictures with minimum disruption. An assigned technician will then make regular, scheduled visits to ensure plants are watered, fed and in perfect condition, artificial walls are dusted and cleaned.

Your total satisfaction is central to our business and our customer service team are just a phone call or email away to assist with any queries.