Real Christmas Tree with green and gold decorations

Real Christmas Trees and Garlands with gold decorations and white lights.

Dracaena Compacta display in bespoke trough container

Living Wall

Roof Terrace Display with Buxus, Bamboo and Small Shrubs

Cycas Palm in Japanese Zen Garden

Indoor Tree Project

Ficus Longifolium with Braided Stem in Zephyr Silver Container

Ficus Longifolium with Sprial Stem in Striped Polyshell Container

Dracaena Lemon & Lime Branched in Bright Yellow Curved Presix Container

Platinum Grade Orchid Display

Philodendron Congo

Mixed Succulents Coffee Table Arrangements in White ‘Vegas’ Container

Tropical Flower Display with Heliconia & Protea Nutons

Reception Flowers with Heliconia, Protea & Pandanas Leaves

Fruit and Flowers Large Arrangement with Dendrobium Orchids & Apples

Dracaena Lemon & Line branched In Large, Luxury ‘Radica’ Container

Cabinet Top Flowering Plants. Spathiphyllium or ‘Spats’ in Grey ‘Brunswick’ Containers

Cabinet Top Planting. Sansevieria Zeylanica in Bespoke Wooden Planter

Trough Planting of Dracaena Compacta with a Polished Pebble Dressing. Large Song of Jamaica in White ‘Bloom’ Container

Bowl of Mixed Succulents perfect for a small space or Coffee Table in Polystone ‘Ignus Rock’ Container

Decorated Christmas Tree – All Gold (close up)

Decorated Christmas Tree – All Gold

Decorated Christmas Tree – All Silver (close up)

Decorated Christmas Tree – All White

Decorated Christmas Tree – Blue & Silver (close up)

Decorated Christmas Tree – Blue & Silver

Decorated Christmas Tree – Brown, Copper & Gold (close up)

Decorated Christmas Tree – Brown, Copper & Gold

Decorated Christmas Tree – Bespoke Design

Real Christmas Tree with green and gold decorations

Decorated Christmas Tree – Green & Gold (close up)

Decorated Christmas Tree – Natural (close up)

Decorated Christmas Tree – Natural

Decorated Christmas Tree – Purple & Silver (close up)

Decorated Christmas Tree – Purple & Silver

Decorated Christmas Tree – Red & Gold

Decorated Christmas Trees & Decorations – The Savoy

Upside down planters

Moss wall

cabinet top plants

Bespoke tree

Red and Gold large tree

Dracaena Janet Craig Branched in a Banana container

Trailing Scindapsis planted in hanging Florence container

Kentia Palm in a Banana container in natural finish

Dracaena Lemon & Lime Tips in a black Ribbed Ball container

Dracaena Janet Craig planted in Tower Containers in bright yellow

Orchid arrangements in Fishbowl containers

Large tropical flower arrangement for reception

Orchids as a cut flower arrangement

Rose and hydrangea display

Delphinium and peonies

Red roses reception flowers

Tropical flower display

Living Picture Wall Plants

Moss Wall Map

Moss Walls with Company Logos

Bespoke Moss Walls

Hanging Planting

Coffee table arrangement, protea and lily

Pink reception flower display including amaryllis and gladioli

Large flower display with tulips

Tall flower display with sunflowers

Alliums and Hydrangea

Allium and yellow roses

Peony and roses coffee table arrangement


Moss and Air plants terrarium

Orchids bar arrangement

Arum lily and green hydrangea

Eremurus & yellow roses flower arrangement

Cymbidium orchids, alstroemeria and alchemilla coffee table arrangement

Reception desk displays of tropical flowers

Anthuriums and heliconia – tropical flower displays

Orchid coffee table displays

Crassula Ovata Succulent

Purple Silver large

Real Tree Rose Gold

Real Tree Silver

Large White Artificial


White decorations

Large Real Outdoor Christmas Tree

Gold & Silver Decorations

Bud Vase

Table Posies

Table Posies

Bud Vase

Bud Vase – Calla Lilly

Christmas tree in London Office

Christmas tree in London Skyscraper

Extra large artificial tree

Real Christmas tree green and gold decorations

Pink mixed flower arrangement

Bright fresh flower arrangement

White and silver Christmas flowers

Bright pink orchid, cut flower display

Corporate event floristry

Winter large fresh flower display

Large reception flowers with complimenting coffee table display

Strelitzia bespoke valentine week display

Bespoke Halloween flower display in pumpkin

Heliconia and Strelitzia fresh flower display

Bespoke yellow and purple Wimbledon week display

Orchid terrarium display

Vibrant Purple Flowers

Heliconia and protea flowers

Colourful anthurium flower display

Bespoke large reception flower display

Purple vanda orchid display

Allium and hydrangea occasional table displays

Artificial flower display

Tall purple flower display in bronze vase

Red exotic flower display

360 degree flower display

Stunning reception flower display

Mixed fresh flower display in pink and purple

Orchid and hydrangea flower display

Office Reception flowers

Vanda orchid and twisted willow display

Statement fresh flower display

Tropical fresh flower display

Tropical flower display hotel reception

Allium and hydrangea flower display

Fresh flowers in tall vase

Lily fresh flower display

Fresh flowers for bars

Sunflower and pumpkin autumn display

Flower displays for hotels

Table posies

Fresh flowers for restaurants

Bud vase for restaurants

Lily fresh flower display for pub

Orchid display and wonderwall planter

Showroom plants

Furniture design showroom plants

Low trough planters

Interior design with plants

Cabinet top planting – industrial interior design

Barrier Plant, Snake Plant

Barrier Plants Rack

Breakout Plants

Long Planters along Desk

Artificial plants in light

Locker top plants

Weekly fresh flower displays

Large floor standing plant displays

Table Top Plants

Exterior plants buxus

Plants for retail sector

Exterior planted terrace

Exterior planted roof garden

Exterior planting daffodils

Exterior planting in spring

Roof top planting

Plants Inside of Francis Crick Institute

Interior plant mix

Interior Planting

Living Wall With Spiral Staircase

Living picture with fern and spider plant

Moss map installation

Bun moss wall

Lavender Exterior plants

Bespoke fit cabinet top planting

Artificial planting for ceilings

Plant Chandelier

Living Picture

Allium Bud vase

Coffee table arrangements

Small Plant Inside Circular Terrarium

Seating area plant displays

Large Single Plant in Communal Area

Bespoke planting installation

Monstera Deliciosa woven pot

Ficus Elastica Robusta

Cabinet top planters

Artificial and live planting combination

Moss planting Shelf feature

Large Ficus Benjamina in whie pot

Through planters for interior

Wonderwall planting

Wall planting

Tall Planter Behind Communal Area

Large Monstera Grey planter

Plants for lounge areas

Plant dividers dining area

Communal Areas with Plant Dividers

Plants breakout area

Palisade planting

Plant Racking

Scindpasis Wall Planter

Office plant racking

Terrarium display

Plant Inside Circular Terrarium

Plant Inside Pyramid Terriarium

Plant inside Terrarium

Moss terrarium

Wall planting

Urban Jungle

Living Ceiling

Treehouse Hotel

Ceiling plant seating area

Green and White Window Plants

Window Box Plants

All gold tree

Blue and silver tree