Christmas FAQs

  • I have an existing contract with Planteria - can I pay on account?

    Our new online ordering facility means you can pay for your tree when you place the order. If you have an account with Planteria, you can choose to either pay online when you place your order, or otherwise the cost of the tree will be automatically added to your next invoice. Please contact us if you require assistance.

  • Can we have a bespoke colour scheme?

    We can provide bespoke colour schemes, contact us on or 0345 505 3333 to discuss availability. In general we can do any mixture of the colour schemes that we currently do (i.e. red & silver, or green and purple), at no extra charge. However if you wanted to add an extra colour or a specific theme this may be possible, please contact us to discuss.

  • Can I order a wreath on its own?

    Both wreaths and garlands are only available as part of your tree order. These can complement your tree colour schemes but please note that these are ‘delivery only’ items.

  • Can I add my own decorations?

    Of course you can, but please remember to remove them prior to collection.

  • What kind of power supply do I need?

    It is the client’s responsibility to provide a safe 240v mains supply to the base of each tree and we recommend that a circuit breaker is fitted.

    We are unable to provide extension leads. Please note that several sockets are required for larger trees. If the installation team deem that any extension leads/wiring is unsafe and against Health & Safety regulations, then they will install the tree and lights, make sure all lights are working, then unplug the tree and leave leads in a safe position.

  • We have no power supply where the tree will go, would you be able to provide battery powered lights?

    Where possible please do try and run power to the tree location with extension leads as this is much more reliable. However, we can supply battery powered lights at a surcharge of £20.00 + VAT per tree and you will need to request this at the order stage. Unfortunately we cannot supply extra batteries for these.

  • Are the lights PAT tested?

    Yes, all the Christmas lights are PAT tested

  • When will my tree be delivered?

    We aim to deliver on the chosen week you have selected on your order. However, delivery and collection is scheduled geographically and will be finalised closer to December

  • What kind of stand will the tree be in?

    Trees will be installed in a green ‘Krinner’ tree stand (with an in-built watering system).

  • How do I care for my tree?

    Cut trees are similar to cut flowers in that maintaining a supply of freshwater to the trunk will help prolong the freshness of the foliage. It is the client’s responsibility to maintain a fresh supply of water and instructions will be provided to each client on installation.

    Hot, dry and dark conditions will speed up the drying out process of the needles. Live trees are guaranteed as follows: Trees delivered between the 1st and 5th of December are guaranteed up to Christmas day. Trees delivered after December 5th are guaranteed up to New Year’s Eve.

  • How long will my live tree last?

    Live trees delivered between the 1st and 5th of December are guaranteed up to Christmas day. Trees delivered after December 5th are guaranteed up to New Year’s Eve.

  • When will my tree be collected?

    When ordering your tree, select your preferred collection slot. We will plan our logistics carefully and confirm nearer the time when to expect your tree collection.

  • What is best for the environment?

    Our trees are sustainably and ethically sourced in the UK and transported by road to our install hubs. On balance, we think real Christmas trees are better for the environment. Here’s a quote from Dr Patrick Moore to back this up:

    I often say that one way to protect the environment is to choose renewable materials and energy wherever possible. Artificial trees are made from non-renewable plastics and petroleum-based products. Although some people claim that these trees last a lifetime, most are thrown away within nine years – and remain in landfill sites for centuries… The growing and production, use of and disposal of real Christmas trees could not be more sustainable and continues a tradition of thousands of years of decorating trees in mid-winter and providing a focal point for the community, customer or family during the festive season.

  • What happens to my live tree once it has been collected?

    Once our trees are collected, they are generally recycled by being chipped and used for grounds maintenance purposes.

  • What size tree should I order for my office?

    7 Foot is the most popular size for an office setting.  Please bear in mind your ceiling height.  Trees are measured from base of the trunk to the top of the leader stem, which on a real tree often finishes much higher than the branches.  A tree that looks fairly large in a domestic setting may look too small in a commercial setting.  Larger trees will give more impact.

  • How wide will the girth of my tree be at the widest point?

    The general rule is that the girth at the widest point of most Christmas Trees is a little less than half its height.  For example, a 6 ft tree is approximately 2.9ft at its widest point.