• What length is a floristry contract?

    We won’t hold you to long contracts for fresh flowers – we believe that excellent service is a good enough retention strategy for us!  We commence with a 4 week trial period where you can stop at any time, thereafter you can opt out of the agreement with four weeks’ notice.

  • When do my flowers get delivered?

    We deliver fresh for the working week on a Sunday evening or very early on Monday morning. We will discuss this with you when we set up your contract and agree on the best option for you.

  • Can I take the flowers home at the end of the week?

    Yes, feel free, but please leave the vase in place for us to collect.

  • Do you offer a nationwide bouquet service?

    Yes, we do.  If you become a client you will have access to our excellent service team that can arrange next day delivery anywhere in the country.

  • How does a rental contract work?

    A rental contract covers the initial supply and installation of the plant displays, plus our full maintenance service which includes free replacement of any plants not looking in optimum condition.  The majority of our clients choose this option as it saves any initial capital outlay and gives flexibility for any future plans you may have for your workspace.

  • How long is a rental contract?

    A typical contract is 3 years, however contracts may vary depending on a particular client’s business needs.

  • Can we buy the plants?

    Yes, you can buy the plants outright. 

    We do recommend that you then take out a separate maintenance contract.  This will enable you to concentrate on your core business while we take care of the displays.  This also ensures you pay a fixed charge without incurring one off costs for any replacement plants needed.

  • Can we just have a maintenance service?

    Yes, if you already own your plant displays or have purchased these outright, we can provide a full maintenance service which includes free replacement of any plants not looking in optimum condition.

  • How much does it cost to rent a display?

    This does depend on the size, type and number of displays that you choose, but as a guide a floor standing display of around 1.8m will cost around £2.50 per week including full maintenance.  But please give us a call and you’ll be surprised just how competitive we are!

  • Can I just get a quote?

    Absolutely.  One of our team of designers will be more than happy to provide a specific design proposal and a quotation with no obligation