Wellcome Trust

The Brief:

Due to architectural development at this location, light levels in the corporate ‘street’ had been dramatically reduced, which had a huge detrimental effect on the ten Ficus Natida trees in this area.

The Solution:

After much research and planning, each tree was taken out and stripped of all leaves. The trunk and branches were then put through a kiln drying programme and preserved. The trees were “cooked” for 14 hours at 68c and then rested for one day before they were “cooked” again for a further 11 hours at 82c. Moisture readings were taken to assess progress. Finally the trees were re-foliated with Fire Retardant Ficus foliage, we also added trunks and branches where appropriate, to get the full “crown” look. Each specimen was then replanted and the street area was restored to its former beauty.

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