Anomaly is a ‘new model’ agency. More than just making ads, their team wants to solve business problems. With offices in the major global centres their team of creatives are looking to break the ‘status quo’. An award-winning team of progressive, diverse thinkers needs an office space to match.

With a goal of revitalizing its London offices, Anomaly partnered with Planteria Group. Working together with Rainbow designs, we set on a journey to take their office to a new level. Transforming their space into an inviting, biophilic oasis.

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Anomaly and Planteria.

Client: Anomaly
Planting Design, Install & Maintenance: Planteria Group
Furniture Design: Rainbow Designs
Location: London

Working with Rainbow Designs, Anomaly wanted to create a stimulating experience for employees.  Planteria designed and installed the planting scheme.  We included plants with both aesthetics and natural benefits to employees.

Design Implementation 

The design concept was to use lush green plants with dramatic, textured planters to create a unique office environment. 

Impressive textured planters

Biophilic design is more than just adding plants.  It can also achieve by incorporating natural textures.  A fantastic way of doing this is through the planters.  We chose textured planters made from natural materials including stone, ceramic, and hessian. The choice of materials added a tactile element.

Trailing Scindapsus plants around the stairwell

The stairwell, a prominent feature in the office, presented a unique opportunity to add a touch of nature. Trailing Scindapsus plants along the handrails add a sense of movement and life to the space.

Shelving planting with smaller plants

Another aspect of the project was utilising shelving space. Smaller plants arranged on shelves, creating mini-green oases within the office. This not only added greenery but also optimized the use of vertical space, resulting in a multi-dimensional design.

Outcomes and Benefits

The integration of plants and planters transformed Anomaly’s London offices.  It delivered numerous benefits to the workspace and its occupants:

A brilliant place to work

Anomaly is defined by ‘progressive, diverse thinkers looking for something different’.  Their office design needed to support that.  Planteria was able to help them stand out to potential employees – creating a brilliant, supportive place to work.

Improved well-being & productivity

Interior plants are proven to enhance well-being and reduce stress levels. After-all, on average we spend 30% of our waking hours in the office.  Employees at Anomaly should feel more connected to nature.  This will lead to increased creativity and a sense of tranquillity within the office environment.

Positive aesthetics & brand identity

Including plants and visually appealing planters improve the aesthetics of the space. It also aligns with Anomaly’s brand identity of creativity, innovation, and pushing boundaries.  A bold statement to clients and visitors.

The collaboration between Anomaly, Rainbow Designs and Planteria brings Anomaly’s vision to life.  The offices are a green oasis that inspires and energizes employees. The brilliant planting scheme created a harmonious blend of nature and contemporary design.

By adopting biophilic design, the space nurtures creativity and enhances well-being. The pictures speak for themselves, highlighting the value of planting in the workplace.

As Anomaly continues to thrive in their revitalised workspace, the success of this project serves as an inspiration.  Including biophilia with plants and planters can transform an office space.

Planteria is proud to have collaborated with Anomaly & Rainbow Designs on this project. We look forward to future partnerships and the opportunity to create inspirational spaces.

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