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    Our Roots


    The first seeds of Planteria were planted 46 years ago (1977) by Brian Anderson in Wanstead, East London.

    There Brian stored plants in his garden greenhouse and won his first maintenance contract in Central London.

    In the 1980s, Brian partnered with his brother, Phil Anderson, and by the 1990s, the business had become established in the London market; with the brothers operating from purpose-built greenhouses and offices in Chigwell, Essex.

    2000 saw the fresh flowers created in-house and in 2010, the head office was set up amidst six acres of sprawling country-side in Henham, Essex.

    Over the next decade, Planteria grew and flourished, establishing strong roots by welcoming many new members into its family and developing a strong set of values that continue to this day.

    today, Planteria has a team of 120 employees, providing plants and fresh flower displays to over 2,300 sites across the UK.

    Our purpose is to harness the power of nature, to create inspirational spaces.

    We know our future is one focused on innovation, where sustainability is no longer seen as an add-on by our industry, but as being integral to our future success.

    In this report, we are delighted to launch our sustainability strategy, Growing for the Future, which we hope will inspire others to take action for people and the planet.

    We invite you to explore this report and get involved by joining forces with us and sharing your thoughts at

    Image of the stunning biophilic design of JAB Holding Company's office, featuring natural elements such as plants, living walls, and high ceilings to create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere for employees.

    A Letter from our Managing Director


    As Managing Director of Planteria, I am excited to share with you our sustainability strategy, Growing for the Future, and celebrate the projects that we as a business have been working on to support our people and planet whilst maintaining positive growth and performance.

    Planteria began from humble beginnings and is today the largest independent company specialising in interior landscape & biophilic planting services in the UK.

    Planteria’s vision is for a world where nature is at the forefront of all architectural design concepts, enriching wellbeing for all.

    For us to realise this vision, it is time to take a deep and critical look at our own operations, services and communications, and understand where we can bring value to people, society and the planet. 

    As a business and as individuals, to live authentically, we have to see beyond the impact within our own walls, and shift focus to the long-term impact we have on our environment.

    By bringing everyone on this journey, and committing to bold goals, we will be part of a global movement to ensure we create a sustainable world.

    Our vision for our sustainability strategy, Growing for the Future, is to enhance work-place wellbeing in harmony with people and the planet.  Growing for the Future will enable us to take action where it matters most for our people and planet, whilst building a resilient business.

    By switching to electric vehicles, and building on-site farms and water-management systems, we’ve already begun planting the seeds for a sustainable future.

    Planteria is a proud to maintain over 55,000 plant displays across the UK, and supply approximately 2400 flower displays each week. As a purpose driven family-led business, we endeavour to extend our definition of family to our team members and communities. It is our priority to continually invest in, and care for our people and provide exceptional services to our clients.

    Our team members are empowered to make business decisions based on our collective values, and to go the extra mile to establish strong relationships and create industry-leading solutions and stellar experiences for our customers.

    We attribute our past and present successes to our people and hope to protect them by building a foundation that is established on genuine care towards our people and planet.

    We recognise we can’t do this all on our own strength, and we are passionate about partnering with our people, clients, and suppliers to realise our collective ambitions. We must bring the best minds together to create a future that is fit for all, and that will see Planteria continue to flourish.

    I invite you to join us, and be part of our sustainability strategy, Growing for the Future, as we enhance work-place wellbeing in harmony with people and the planet.

    Matt Anderson
    Managing Director

    Growing for
    the Future

    “As well as ensuring financial performance, protecting our people and the planet are key priorities at Planteria. Human beings thrive when they are connected to nature and the natural living world, and it is our focus to enable our people, clients and wider society to develop strong connections to the nature that surrounds them. Our sustainability journey will be equal parts exciting, rewarding and challenging. We invite everyone to join us as we enhance work-place wellbeing in harmony with people and the planet.”


    At Planteria we have committed to improve our business processes and operations and protect the futures of people and the planet.

    With every project we are involved in and every landscape we design, we aspire to elevate the lives of people, protect ecosystems, provide products fit for the future, and prevent the exploitation of the planet. Our vision for our sustainability strategy, Growing for the Future, is to enhance work-place wellbeing in harmony with people and the planet.

    Working closely with our independent sustainability advisors, we followed a robust strategy development process that engaged our people, suppliers, and clients, and enabled us to understand the sustainability issues that are most important to the business and our stakeholders.

    This strategy development process, aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals
    (SDGs), led to a deep understanding of the challenges, risks and opportunities facing our business and how, by working together, we can embrace them to create positive change.

    Through Growing for the Future we are committing to 14 goals to be achieved by 2026. We are proud of the commitments we are making that will not only challenge our business in new, transformative ways, but will also build on projects and initiatives we already have in place.

    We are looking forward to sharing this journey through regular and transparent communications as we work closely with our stakeholders. We know our talented and highly valued colleagues are passionate about ensuring we achieve our sustainability goals, and we welcome any ideas or contributions. 

    Our suppliers create products that bring nature into spaces where there was previously none and deliver value to our clients and are a big reason behind our business success.  We are excited to enjoy stronger and more mutually rewarding partnerships in the coming years. 

    Trust and loyalty underpin every relationship we develop.  We are grateful that our clients trust us to create spaces that benefit from nature and support the health and wellbeing of their people.  Through Growing for the Future our hope is to continue building these strong, long-lasting relationships whilst helping our clients to achieve their sustainability goals. We will  conduct an annual review of how our strategy aligns with the SDGs. Our strategy currently contributes to the following SDGs. 

    Planteria Sustainability Strategy Launch Report

    Our 2026 Goals


    We understand that people shape our business. It is important that our employees are cared for, treated equally and fairly, and have healthy and sustainable careers.


    We care for our planet by reducing our carbon emissions and managing our resource use.  We support businesses and individuals to develop positive connections with nature through growing their knowledge and appreciation of it.


    Our partners and suppliers form the backbone of our business. We work collaboratively with them in everything we do, delivering innovative products to our clients.


    We ensure that our journey is communicated and reported on in open and transparent ways. By setting governance and accountability measures across the business we will sustain positive progress on all our focus areas.


    Provide fair and equal opportunities at every level, developing strategies to engage with disadvantaged and under-privileged groups in the horticultural industry 


    Support the career aspirations of every employee through a tracked personal development programme


    Ensure every employee is confident that their health, safety and wellbeing is correctly supported


    Ensure that Planteria Group is recognised internally and externally as a place that is supportive, caring, and adaptable for every employees’ needs


    Commit to becoming net zero carbon by 2035, and publish a pathway to achieve this by the end of 2024 


    Increase our positive environmental impact across our entire operation  


    Enhance every client’s awareness of the benefits of nature through training and our services


    Engage with and support all of our platinum clients to ensure every project positively impacts people and the planet


    Engage with and support ten clients from each service region to meet the needs and priorities of their local communities

    Establish a strategic community partnership that best serves our local communities


    Facilitate a sustainable supply chain through educating, supporting and engaging every supplier on sustainability issues


    Develop an implementation framework and cross departmental working group, focusing on our ESG innovation program


    Publish an annual sustainability progress report to ensure accountability against our sustainability strategy goals


    Future proof the business through an annual sustainability review to assess and manage potential risks and opportunities

    Our Products & the Planet

    We believe it is crucial for businesses to implement sustainable practices that protect people and planet and are ethically sound. Planteria has held ISO 14001 certification since 2005, and we are committed to delivering our services in ways which reduce our impact on our planet; developing places of work where people can thrive harmoniously with nature.


    Rolf Anderson, Sustainability Director, has been pioneering sustainability at Planteria’s HQ in Henham, Essex. Looking out of our office windows, you might spot a Hebridean sheep or two grazing around the grounds, helping us keep the grass short. While the chickens at our Henham nursery gift us nutritious eggs, our tall pear trees yield some of the most delicious pears in the area.


    Our nursery plants are fed with rainwater that is harvested from the glasshouse roof and stored in 20,000-gallon water tank. Rainwater has always been our first choice since it has the correct pH levels for most plants and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.


    As of 2019, transportation was the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, producing 27% of the UK’s total emissions. We are working to upgrade Planteria’s maintenance van fleet to electric vehicles. The LEVC VN5 has a range of 300 miles – suitable for a typical technician’s usual day at work, delivering our maintenance service across our client sites.


    One of our main focuses is to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and work together to ensure we deliver outstanding results for our clients.

    All our plants are sourced from the Netherlands and most are also grown there too. B-Corp certified planter company, Elho, manufacture planters that are made from recycled plastics using wind energy and guarantee life-time use.


    The recently installed recycling bins in our kitchens have not only been able to segregate, recycle, and reuse waste more effectively, they have also stirred more conversation and awareness around waste management in our spaces. Installing paper bins in the stationary areas has allowed us to separate cardboard and paper from our general waste for recycling.

    Our weekly fresh flower displays are carefully packed for transport using completely recycled packaging, which is reused each week. The old display flowers are collected and brought back to the HQ in Henham where the vases are washed, and the flowers composted. This and all other green waste generated is composted on site.

    Our Products & the Planet

    Through our planting and landscaping solutions, not only are we strengthening Planteria’s core sustainability practices, but we are also helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals. For instance, instead of merely placing a plant that increases the visual outlook of a space, we create a design plan for our clients; suggesting plants that can thrive in the environment, while also giving the space a visually appealing identity. By providing regular maintenance, we ensure these plants enjoy full lives and our clients receive a permanent solution to their workplace goals.


    We believe in the importance of biophilia or the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings. After over a decade of experience in bringing the outdoors indoors, biophilic design is at the very root of everything we do.

    Through research, we have found that connections to nature accelerate the human’s healing process, lessens the perception of pain, reduces stress, and even artwork depicting nature has a positive effect on mental health.

    We aspire to create biophilic spaces that improve the mental health and wellbeing of employees, and make workplaces work for them. Happier and healthier people are more productive, with productivity increasing by up to 15% when we add plants to the workplaces. We also offer CDP sessions to our clients and their employees within this area, and delivered 22 biophilic CPD presentations in 2022.


    One of Planteria’s key values is innovation and being relentless to improve. We love to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of industry standards.

    Planteria are also collaborating with our clients to help their staff get the full benefit of their work space. Through this program we aim to engage and inspire staff, helping them to appreciate their working environment by building a connection with nature.

    Planteria exhibiting at the CBRE innovation awards event


    Peat-based composts are damaging to the environment and are being phased out. Hydrocultured plants are often more resilient than those planted in compost, and are not troubled by soil-dwelling pests, however, this system is not always suitable. 

    Ecoponic is an alternative to soil and as a pure mineral mixture of pumice and zeolite it has the following benefits:

    • Ecoponic stores water very efficiently – reducing the amount of water used.
    • As Ecoponic contains no organic material there is almost no chance of soil-borne pests.
    • It provides optimal air pore volume (over 35%) and can absorb 44% of its weight in water – ideal conditions for growing.
      Ecoponic is a circular product – it can be reused and recycled infinitely.

    Building a Purpose-Led Culture

    We believe that our number one commitment is to our people. We know we can only create industry leading products and solutions if our people are healthy and happy. Our employee bi-yearly events, including our Employee of the Quarter award and Longevity award, are ways we show appreciation to all who make Planteria a great place to work, every day. To continue building a purpose-led business that serves and supports our people, we’ve launched the following initiatives.


    HiBob is a HR platform that brings a sense of belonging to the company through shared values and recognition. It facilitates employee wellbeing and promotes networking across departments. HiBob streamlines and simplifies core HR processes. The platform enables onboarding employees to peer through the window of Planteria before they start, helping them to feel welcome and quickly bond with our culture and values. HiBob is helping to foster relationships between the organisation and its stakeholders, creating connection, productivity and collaboration aligned with our expedited growth.


    We offer two types of optional health care benefits. Our Private Medial insurance for employees who have been with the organisation for over 5 years and a second
    health care benefit the BUPA Cashplan which enables our stakeholders to receive quality and regular access to a wealth of health care professionals. BUPA provides EAP empowering our employees to take control of their health and address any concerns they may have, through the confidential 24hr helpline.


    Planteria recognises we all need sustenance during our working day. For our employees who are out and about providing services to our customers, we provide gift cards to contribute towards the cost of food and drink, whilst those at the office have access to a fully stocked kitchen with free food. Providing coffee, soft drinks, snacks and meals is the least we can do for our Planteria Family.


    All our employees have access to the Thrive app, a clinically led, NHS-approved, mental wellbeing app, available to use 24/7 wherever you are. Proven to aid in the prevention, early detection and self-management of common mental health issues, Thrive empowers employees to take charge
    of their own wellbeing. Providing insights into identifying and managing stress, anxiety and depression, tools to help build resilience and support better sleep, and much more, Thrive is for everyone and offers over 100 hours of content including: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programme,
    signposting to support services when you need them, structured psychoeducational courses on a variety of topics, relaxation exercises and techniques to help manage stress, NHS-approved assessments to help screen for symptoms of anxiety and depression, and anonymous and confidential progress journal to track your mood over a long period.

    Our partner, Medigold Health Perform service has been designed specifically to boost the wellbeing of our employees and protect them from the impact of physical and mental health issues. With multiple strategies, tools, and techniques available, the new partnership with Medigold is establishing
    Planteria on a journey, developing the health and wellbeing of our organisation, and encouraging employees to achieve their goals. Positive wellbeing helps us to maintain resilience, overcome challenges and fulfil our potential, both at work and in our daily lives.

    “ Our purpose is to harness the power of nature, to create inspirational spaces. Our people are key to this and make the difference at Planteria. I’m proud to work with a team of friendly, creative and results driven individuals who are passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience every day.”



    At Planteria we have embraced a ‘Values Led’ recruitment process that we strongly believe has been the driver of our success. This method allows us to hire staff who connect with our values and will actively partake in our culture at Planteria.

    For the second-round interview, the candidate enjoys a ‘department day’ where they get a chance to visit our site to understand our culture and the services we provide. Here, they gauge for themselves their ability to grow and imagine their 5-year future aspirations at Planteria. This has attracted some of the best talent and has supported our ambition to maintain a culture based on our values and purpose.


    Our services are strengthened by transparent and reliable communication with our clients. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) provides multi-site managers unprecedented operational visibility of our service visits across the country.   

    A NPS survey is sent out to 50 customers per week at random, where they score our business, and our plant maintenance services. We always aim to achieve 80% or more. Any low scores are forwarded to our service team manager who gets in touch with the client to discuss their feedback and forge ahead with a plan of action for the future.

    harness the power of nature

    Working Together

    “At Planteria we strive to not only embed sustainable solutions into our business, but also inspire our people and industry to commit to taking bold action that will protect our planet for future generations.

    Our purpose, people, products, and sustainability strategy, Growing for the Future, are our ways of showcasing how businesses can be a force for good when we work together.

    Nature is powerful and beautiful; without it, we cannot exist. Wherever we go and the lives that we touch, we hope Planteria will be remembered for protecting, enhancing and celebrating nature whilst supporting the creation of workplaces where every individual can thrive, no matter who they are.

    We invite our employees, colleagues, suppliers and clients to join us, and support our vision to enhance work-place wellbeing in harmony with people and the planet. Together, we can help our people and planet flourish and thrive.”

    Darrell Anderson
    Key Account Director

    join us on our sustainability journey

    Lets work together to connect your staff with nature and make workplaces more sustainable. 

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