Fascinating festive facts

The Nordmann fir or ‘Silver fir’ as it is sometimes known, was named after the Finnish botanist Alexander von Nordmann who discovered this tree species in the Caucasus Mountains

Approximately eight million live Christmas Trees are sold in Britain each year.

Since the 1990s the Nordmann fir has become the UK’s most popular choice of live tree, its popularity is mostly due to its ‘non-drop’ needles!

Each acre of land dedicated to growing Christmas Trees provides the oxygen required for 18 people.

98% of Christmas Trees bought worldwide are grown on tree farms, with the other 2% being cut from the wild.

A six foot Christmas tree can drink up to one pint of water per day.

The world’s most expensive Christmas bauble cost £82,000. This one of a kind tree decoration was made from 18 carat white gold and covered with over one and half thousand stunning diamonds and took almost a year to make.

It’s believed that the first record of a decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510.

The first recorded use of ‘tree lights’ appears to be in the middle of the 17th Century with a fashion for using small candles.