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Planteria was built on the passion and commitment of brothers Phil & Brian Anderson. We’ve still got that family business passion that started the company 50 years ago – but backed up by large business systems and processes. 

We design, install and maintain plants for many CBRE sites.  

We Harness the power of nature to create Inspirational Spaces

About Planteria:

Experts in Biophilic Design & Planting for the workplace

Provide a full-service offering: design, installation, & maintenance of planting schemes

Self-delivered nationwide service

In-house dedicated design team

Planteria maintain the planting at 61 Southwark St.
A large plant design and install for CBRE client BT Tynside.

Key Figures about Planteria

Displays Maintained
100 Minute
Target Response Time
0 Year
Average Client Retention
Client Sites Maintained
24 Hour
Target Resolution Time
0 Years
Our Longest-Standing Client
The roof terrace at CBRE site, Anglo American (De Beers)

Why Planteria?

innovation to wow your clients

With the increased focus on staff wellness and creating a positive work environment, we’re getting CBRE contacts coming to us wanting innovation to increase their staff engagement.

Our customers get access to planteria:esg – our innovation program. 

It’s like a ESG toolbox for facilities managers – full of innovations to provide your clients with innovations/increase staff engagement. 

One of our longstanding customers, Microsoft, wanted to increase their staff engagement.  We introduced the Plantopedia scheme.  We added signs printed on eco-friendly bamboo to the plants.  These had interesting facts about the plants and a QR taking you to a dedicated website.  Here staff could find out even more about the plants as well as buy a matching plant for their home office. 

One of the things we love here is seeing the buzz that innovations like this create in an office.  It creates communication between staff, makes the office the innovative place to be and helps staff appreciate the environment they work in.

The QR codes won an internal competition for the FM at Microsoft and were finalists in the CBRE innovation competition.

It doesn’t stop there!  Biophilia Webinars, Pop-up events, Plant Neighbourhoods, Plant Parenthood Competitions, Pollinator Hotels, etc.  

You’ll have access to our whole range of innovations.

Planteria ESG - Pollinator Hotels, QR codes and other innovations


One of the big challenges for businesses currently is attracting their staff back into the office.  

Having been used to working in the home environment (with all its comfort and luxuries) many businesses are approaching us to create office spaces that bring people together.

Planteria designs, installs, and maintains planting schemes to create spaces people actually want to work in.  


Legal & General were wanting to create an office space that brought people together.  They wanted more than just plants – they wanted it to have a story, to support their brand and create an amazing working environment. 

They approached our design team who came up with an amazing design.   

Using an exciting selection of plants to echo Legal & Generals the company’s branding, one of the major ones being the Schefflera or ‘the umbrella tree. This evokes the famous L&G umbrella logo in a clever yet subtle way.

Similarly, we created a palette of plant colours inspired by the red, yellow, blue, and green in the L&G umbrella.

CBRE Case Studies

61 Southwark Steet

CBRE Client: Anglo American

CBRE Client: BT Tyneside

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