Gardiner & Theobald


Independent construction and property management consultancy, Gardiner & Theobald (G&T), is a leader in its field. They’re ethical and responsible, with a strong company culture built around a core set of values, so it was important to them that their London headquarters reflect this visually, whilst providing an exceptional workplace experience for their colleagues.

G&T engaged interior design and build experts Oktra for the refurbishment. The finished result is one of sophisticated simplicity, using quality, natural materials for the furnishings and floors paired with a soft neutral, calming colour palette. The refined architectural design of the building with its curved exposed beams and abundance of natural light is a great example of biophilic design, which the designer has augmented with planting for an added sense of wellbeing.

G&T chose Planteria Group, expressing that they wanted to find an expert planting company that would be true to the designer’s vision for the space, whilst specifying plants that would thrive and taking care of them with ongoing maintenance to ensure they continue to look perfect.

Our Service banner with plants in office.
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