The Brief

Storey are specialists in elite, bespoke, flexible workspace. Leading the growing trend for co-working and flexible offices, Storey design high end work spaces around the needs of their clients. Offering secure, private office space that is part of a dynamic, creative community. A key element to success in this sector, along with the latest tech and excellent connectivity, is the aesthetic. Storey create offices that make a statement and attract the best, and most ambitious companies in London.

The Solution

Storey’s Paddington office has a calm vibe with spaces that flow effortlessly, creating a chic, beautiful place to work. The occasional pop of primary colours in the soft furnishings were beautifully enhanced with the bright greens of live plants. An eclectic mix of plants, with different leaf shapes and sizes in a variety of planter styles added to the contemporary look. Stace LLP created the vision, and Planteria put this into reality. We used large Monstera plants in woven planters as a feature. Soft green touches were added with a mix of Sansevieria, Aloe Vera, Scandens and Boston Fern in low planters and fun oversized Bill and Ben style plant pots. Senecio String of Pearls also featured and trailing Scandens. Planteria now work with Stace LLP to create the right planting designs for all new Storey offices as they continue their expansion.