the brief

Ørsted are a global energy company with a big difference. A renewable energy company that takes tangible action to create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

They provide real, tangible solutions to one of the world’s most difficult and urgent problems.

The company is named after the Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted. Almost 200 years ago, Hans Christian Ørsted discovered electromagnetism, effectively establishing the foundations for the way we produce power today.

the Solution

Ørsted’s London office reflects the Company’s Danish heritage and its green and ethical ethos. The stylish interior design layout allows the Ørsted team to work collaboratively or individually, with the addition of meeting pods and booths. A harmonious, neutral palette of white, stone and grey works well as the beautiful back drop to the biophilic elements; natural light, Scandinavian blonde wood touches and natural analogues provided by the biomorphic patterns and textures of the lights, pods and partition panelling.

The planting adds the finishing touches to the scheme. Large, impressive specimens were chosen, with dark green foliage and planted in a mixture of grey and white planters and troughs adding to the natural feel and to create contrast and colour.