The Brief:

Working with FM Partner Anabas our brief for this office was ‘design-led, fun, creative and simple’.  Lego the world leading toymaker, has a strong and easily identifiable brand The London headquarters are a testament to their ethos of excellence, creativity and unique branding. 

The Solution:

We added a large dash of ‘fresh and green’ to the mix of primary colours, here we used the variegated greens and large curved leaves of Aglaonema in White Containers to add interest to some cubicle areas, allowing staff to escape the open plan for some quiet thinking time. In the hall, dark green structural Zamioculas off-set by white trough containers create a clean contemporary feel.  Tall pointed Sansevieria Laurentii were chosen for dramatic effect on the top of the booth seating area.  Special planters at seatback height were used to bring privacy and sound-proofing, to this multi-function space used for informal break-outs, meetings and dining.  In other communal areas, large and majestic specimens of Song of Jamaica and Ficus Ginseng in clean, curved, white containers contrast and add simple elegance to the décor of calm neutral tones.  Elsewhere, Sansivieria Zeylanica, a flowering plant adds a playful splash of colour and fun. 

Would you like to know more?

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