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CBRE - BT Tyneside

Planteria worked with CBRE to supply a huge range of plants for this flagship EE building.

As you enter into the impressive reception area statement Ficus Ginseng trees stand guard while a huge personalised moss wall welcomes you.  

Beyond the entrance is an amazing office space filled with biophilia.  Impressive mixed planting in troughs and seatbacks, trailing plants on suspended metal racking, clusters of featured plants, large trees, ivy screening and more create a vibrant working environment. 

Read on to see more of this inspiring workspace…

Planteria 38

The workspace is designed like a village.  Employees are situated in ‘communities’ are positioned around the central ‘town square’.  The EE town square is the Relax & Refuel areas with a variety of furniture and planting to encourage interaction and communication.  Within the open offices there are ‘community clusters’ – areas where staff can meet and collaborate.  

The upstairs features a large Training Village – this is an area with assorted meeting rooms, collaboration areas and soft seating.  The building also features a wellness suit – complete with a Planteria moss roof.  

The interior draws inspiration from the local environment.  For example, as Newcastle is colloquially called ‘The Toon’ – EE’s auditorium-style meeting area is called the ‘Toon Hall’. 

The highlight of the building is the vast canteen area – full of biophilia.  Covering nearly a quarter of the ground floor, this busy, vibrant hub is a meeting point for staff from across the entire building. By the windows are three bays of bench seats – beautiful mixed plants grow in the seat-backs.  

Two large circular seats are set around custom planters – an array of plants including Dieffenbachia, Strelitzia create a brilliant biophilic centrepiece.  Above the bar a selection of artificial plants trail from suspended metal racking – differing shades were chosen for maximum impact.     

Tailing plants above bars:  Asparagus Sprengeri, Begonia, Chlorophytum, Dieffenbachia Zebra, Eucalyptus, Hedera, Helix, Kunst Druiventak, Caladium, Trailing Pothos.

Planteria 41
The training area features a semi-private meeting room with faux ivy walls.
The circular desks feature table top planters. In the distance you can see the Bucida Buceras ‘Shady Lady’ tree and upstairs kitchenette.
The circular desks feature table top planters
Planteria 27
The Wellness Suite with the moss roof.
The EE 'Toon Hall' is an auditorium-style meeting area. Monstera, Chamaedorea Elegans, Cissus Rhombifolia, Philodendron Moonlight and Cordyline Tango decorate each end.
The 'Toon Hall' - a large meeting area with trailing plants on each end.
These trailing artificial plants add a burst of colour to this first floor kitchenette.
One of the Relax/Refuel areas with trailing plants above the bar.
The railway carriage style meeting areas contain a mix of real and artificial planting (depending on the light levels in their specific location)
Smaller meeting or eating areas with planting.

biophilic by design

Planteria are committed to creating best-in-class biophilic design and this project was no exception.  A finalist in the Mixology North22, it had planting incorporated throughout the building.  Below is an example of the work produced by our in-house design team and the finished project.

Design example 2

Our team chose a beautiful selection of plants including the Strelitzia, Dieffenbachia, Cordyline Tango, Philodendron Moonlight, Chamaedorea Elegans, & Scindapsis.

Planteria 39

This image shows the final result with the live mixed planting growing in the seatbacks.

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