Bird and Bird

the brief

Bird and Bird is an international leading law firm with a focus on industry sectors where technology plays a key role.  As an Organisation that supports innovation, the firm regularly organise events and shares its insights about ground-breaking ideas and developments in a wide range of sectors.

The design of Bird & Birds office at 12 New Fetter Lane is a reflection of their future focused outlook and the team’s vision when making some changes to the office environment was clear.

In reception, they wanted to create an impactful first impression with large trees in containers to complement the fresh, clean lines of the of the building’s exterior and light filled interior.

On the 11th floor, where the staff restaurant / informal working space is located they specified hanging planting to bring the space to life.

the Solution

Bird and Bird have an impressive reception and wanted to make a great first impression with large real trees.  Our task was to match the planters to the reception desks, so we suggested using the same manufacturer to make the planters, ensuring we could get the exact match in style.

In the staff restaurant Bird and Bird have created a vibrant, relaxed atmosphere and requested hanging planters as a feature.  Hanging planters are having a resurgence in popularity, and with their space saving design they are perfect for making the most of your office space.   We think they are beautiful and really add the wow factor, here we planted them with Scindapsis and hung them together in rows.