Six Reasons Plants are Good for Business

We all know that nature is important to us. But when we work in a busy city office, we do not get to spend as much time amongst it as we would like. But innovative London employers are making sure that their employees are exposed to office flowers and plants on a daily basis whilst they work. Why? It’s really good for their health.

Here are six reasons why investing in plants for your office will improve the health of your organisation:

Plants Decrease Stress Levels

It’s been shown that simply sitting by plants in the office can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol and help people feel more comfortable.

A Better Body

Working in a nicer environment is of both psychological and physical benefit – as well as feeling calmer, your heart rate is reduced and blood pressure lowered.

Happy Places Make for Happy Employees

Buildings and office environments are simply a nicer place to be when plants are present. This keeps people happier and more engaged. If people like being at work they will approach their days with more energy and perform better. Studies have shown that plants are correlated with greater satisfaction.

Increased Productivity

Experiments have shown that plants and flowers inspire our creativity, which in turn makes us more productive, we make fewer mistakes, and complete tasks faster. A more productive workforce is obviously good news for business and profits.

Fresh Air

Plants ‘breathe’ in an opposite way to humans, making them the perfect partner. They release oxygen into the air and absorb carbon dioxide. Higher levels of oxygen make it easier to concentrate and think clearly. Plants also reduce the levels of humidity, which means that air conditioning use can be reduced.

Clean Air

Plants filter and purify the air leading to a significant reduction to toxins, dust, bugs and pollutants. This means that workers are healthier and less likely to pick up airborne infections. Research suggests that the optimum ratio of one plant for every three employees.

If you want to know more about how office plants can help your business, contact us today.

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