Planters, Containers and Your Office Aesthetic


When we talk about biophilia, we are referring to how adding plants and nature to your working environment can help staff to feel happy, creative and more productive all at the same time, but did you know that changing up the container of a plant can drastically change its appearance? In this article, we consider the effects that different containers can bring to plants and how we can match them to your business’ aesthetic.

Planting Can Change How You Feel & Behave

Smart biophilic design can create a workplace which improves employee performance, health and wellbeing. For many, the aesthetic of their office may seem like a luxury that should be the last thing to be considered in current financial climates, but when it comes to biophilic design, you should be asking yourself whether your business can afford not to implement these strategies.

It’s well known that some of the biggest businesses in the world use biophilic design to maximise their output. Google, Amazon and Apple are all filled to the brim with plants, living walls and health schemes, and when you consider the statistics that plants in the office make you 15% more productive, you can understand why. Can your company afford to be losing out on that 15%?

By adding just a few desk plants to your office environment, you can positively alter the aesthetic to benefit your employees. It’s not all down to desk plants, however, as you should also try to maximise natural light, natural materials and scenic views if you’re lucky enough to have any.

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How Containers Can Change Plants

Plants come in all shapes and sizes, and the containers they come in can also substantially alter their image, whether you’re looking for plants which add a bit of fun and colour, or something a little more sophisticated which exudes style in the lobby or meeting room, we have it all.

For example, a group of bespoke ‘statement’ planters, like the ones in the image at the top of this blog, in a variety of finishes and in a complimentary colour palette can provide the perfect finishing touch to a space and can tie a design scheme together perfectly. Whilst some fresh white planters with a mix of different plant specimens can add light and vibrancy to an office that might otherwise feel too corporate.

We can source almost any plant or container, so you are limited only by your imagination. We can even match containers and planters to your company’s corporate colour-scheme.

Move on to the next section for some examples of beautiful plant containers that you could enjoy from your office soon:


Attractive Containers Made to Inspire

Planters and containers come in all shapes and sizes. Tiny planters can be dotted around on desks and reception areas to create a homely feel, adding detail that shows you care, and allowing all your colleagues to benefit from biophilia. Small planters are perfect for succulents which are very popular at the moment and come in a wide variety, and in different shades. A selection has been used in the workspace below, with stunning effect, in this ‘industrial design’ style using a palette of black, stone and copper:

– Artistic Design Using Mixed Planting

Succulents in tiny pots office biophiliaThese plants work especially well on a smaller budget, and they show just how important quality products and design planning are when incorporating plants in your décor.

– The Perfect Partner to the ‘Industrial Design’ TrendPlant rack office biophilia

Staying with the Industrial Design trend, this image showcases the benefits of vertical storage for getting those biophilic themes into your office or social space. This plethora of planting is bright, vibrant and friendly, which is sure to motivate and brighten the day of anyone using the area. The containers for these plants are uniform which juxtaposes with the individual nature of each plant in the frame, contrasting the symmetry against the soft natural greenery.

The use of mirrors at the back of the space also maximises the amount of light in the area and gives the illusion of doubling the number of plants, further proving that quality of product and smart planning can go a very long way to creating the perfect biophilic atmosphere.

– Pots on Legsselection of pots on legs

Pots with Legs are all the rage! We love them too. These containers stand out, and you can choose from brass, wood or metal for contrast to the pot colour. Plants are elevated to a new height and given the same status as a prized piece of art. This trend brings a sense of class to the plants, giving them a modern edge that would look stylish in almost any room. There are plenty of innovative ideas, so don’t doubt that we can find something to suit your setting.

office with two large red plant pots

We can provide a range of planters and containers in any colour and a variety of sizes. The only thing limiting you is your imagination, and we can offer you our design assistance to help overcome any struggles with space or budget. Simply contact us for more information regarding our indoor plants.


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