Planning a Work Christmas Party


Christmas in the Office – get ahead with our guide…

Are you the person who is responsible for playing ‘secret-santa’ to ensure that your organisation gets into the Christmas spirit when December arrives? If the answer is yes then you’d better get your skates on because it is not too soon to be thinking about Christmas!

Not a job for the faint-hearted, it is one of those infamous poisoned chalices. Organising the office Christmas party can be a mine-field, with someone ready to complain about the location, someone-else happy to pick fault with the catering and … probably a few who think they could have done a better job themselves!

You may not be able to please everyone, but it’s very possible to please (in fact, delight) the majority.

We’ve created a quick guide to steer you through the main points to ensure that you give your team an unforgettable Christmas.

Get your Christmas Party Sorted!

Start Early

The earlier you start the better the chance of securing your preferred venue and entertainment, and the majority of your colleagues can save the date in their diaries.

Set the date

Check with key dates in the company calendar, and then send out your invitations and remember to add an RSVP by date. Send out plenty of reminders as the party gets closer.

Know your budget and stick to it

Decide on the theme and type of the event – There are so many options here whether you’re going for a shared party, private dinner, a whole venue or a group activity or experience. You’ll know what suits your team best.

Select a venue and get it booked!

Visit the venue if you haven’t used it before. Consider;

Capacity – is it the right size for your anticipated number of guests?

Location — is it accessible, good for cabs and public transport? If not, are you arranging coaches or hotel accommodation?

Facilities — Does it have what you need? a PA system, or space for presentations, live entertainment, dance floor etc?


If you book a hotel or restaurant here’s a check list for your diary of information to provide the venue with…

The number of people attending – 6 weeks before the event.

Any special dietary requirements – 4 weeks before the event.

The choice of menu selected – 4 weeks before the event.

A seating plan – 2 weeks before the event.

Deck the Halls – Order your Tree and Decorations!

Order your office christmas tree and decorations. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a beautiful tree and decorations. Order it now and you can be the Christmas Fairy, organising for your fabulously festive, professionally decorated tree to magically appear in the office in early December to dazzle and delight your colleagues.

This is the easy bit, get everything in one place. Go on-line now at Planteria place your order and secure your tree to be delivered early December and collected after Christmas. Choose the size and type of tree you want and select your decoration theme, don’t forget to order matching wreaths and garlands for the finishing touch. Leave the rest to us!

Merry almost Christmas!

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