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Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Trends for 2020

Are you ever too old to get excited about the Christmas season?  There is something so enchanting about Christmas decorations. The sparkle and glitter that transforms every day spaces into...

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6 Plants That Induce Sleep

The Daily Mirror once reported that over a third of the British public was suffering from sleep problems. The NHS have since provided a report that considers the methods in which this information...

Biophilic designFlowersNature & EnvironmentPlanteria GroupPlantsWorkplace Wellness

Outside Spaces and How to Make the Most of Them

Outside spaces at the workplace can often be forgotten about, but we’re looking to change that.  An outside space can be a place for relaxation, re-energising, and creativity.  We strive to...

Nature & Environment

Celebrating Butterfly Awareness Day

The 2nd June was a cause for celebration at the beauty that is the butterfly. Every year BEAD (Butterfly Education and Awareness Day) allows you to learn all about the stunning insects and their...