How Flowers Can Lift Your Mood

There has been lots of research carried out to show the impact flowers can have on your mood, attitude and general happiness. Flowers definitely make people happy upon receival, but they are also a brilliant way to lift the mood and atmosphere within a room. But how?

Symbolising Growth & Life

Blooming flowers are one of the most natural forms of life, and as they grow, the reproduction cycle is happening.  Flowers represent life; looking at them and being surrounded by them is said to give a feeling of new life, new beginnings and rejuvenation. Many flowers have specific symbolisms in life; cherry blossom shows the transience of life, whereas a light pink rose represents the joy of life and a peach blossom symbolises long life and generosity.

The Gift of Memory           

Not only are flowers a beautiful sight to be surrounded by, but they can also evoke happy memories, therefore lifting us out of bad moods. The colour of a pink lily may remind you of a family member, or a string of gladioli may bring back distant memories of friendship. Certain flowers can convey passion, sympathy and celebration within colours or scents.


Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Smelling flowers have been proven to relieve anxiety and reduce stress levels, alleviating mild depression. This is just one of the reasons why aromatherapy is based on floral fragrances, and those relaxing candles in your home are floral scented. Stress is a big problem for many people, and natural remedies such as flowers can certainly help. Flowers such as lavender have shown improvements in short-term memory cases, anxiety relief and have proven great for relaxation.

Healing Qualities

Much like paintings, flowers are a form of natural art and can evoke all kinds of emotions. The combination of certain smells and colours have mental, emotional and sometimes physical healing qualities. Lavender and rose can help with insomnia, depression and anxiety. Sweeter aromas from flowers have shown to improve social behaviours, such as the willingness to help others.

Some flowers such as begonias have been said to have physical healing aspects; when infused in hot water they can eliminate headaches and decrease body toxins. Many plants and flowers are made into a tea to get the best out of the healing qualities.


Colour Schemes

Assorted colours can represent certain aspects of life; red represents love, passion and life whereas a yellow bouquet can represent friendship, energy and luminosity. According to researchers at Columbia University, mood tone has a direct correlation with primary and secondary colours. Having the right colour flower arrangement at work or home can make you feel much brighter and happier. Choose orange/yellow shades for happiness, such as tulips, or dahlias. By combining both orange and yellow can create a calming mood, and adding greens can reflect feelings of peace.

The Gift of Giving

Receiving a bouquet of flowers has been proven to be a scientific mood booster. Researchers have noticed that, when giving the gift of flowers or plants, people physically and emotionally show their ‘true smile’, or a ‘Duchenne smile’. The true act of a Duchenne smile produces increased activity in the left temporal of the brain, which is directly linked to positive emotions. So, if you notice someone having a difficult day or a friend who needs a boost, why not give them the gift of flowers.

We can provide you with a stunning – as well as hayfever-friendly and fresh – floral arrangement for your office or business environment, making you and your staff a bunch of happy (and relaxed!) workers. If you would like to know any more about our services and products, please get in touch with a member of our cheerful team!

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