Christmas Trees for Business: Stand Out for the Festive Season


Christmas is a magical time, and most people will agree that part of the fun, is the build up to it and the decorations everywhere. We enjoy seeing decorations go up in streets, towns and businesses across the country. Twinkling lights and bright colours lift up the gloomiest commute home.

Christmas Trees Can Make Your Office, Hotel or Store Stand Out from the Crowd

You may have seen beautiful trees in some office receptions, hotels and store windows and thought they look stunning and wondered how, as if by magic, a 20ft tree went up overnight?

Part of the difficulty of getting a Christmas tree for your office or business is actually getting it back to the premises, especially if you are in busy city centre location. Of course, decorating a large tree may involve using a step ladder and takes time and a practiced eye. So, who does this job at your office? Maybe it’s you, and you already have a ‘to-do’ list as long as your arm, as well as everything else that goes on during the holiday festivities? This is the perfect job to outsource to the professionals, and if it isn’t your job, do pass this on right colleague, they’ll thank you for it!

Large christmas tree in office next to reception desk. There are wrapped presents under the tree and a gold star atop.Leave It To Planteria, We’ll Do It All For You

Planteria does the hard work for you, providing a bespoke and professional Christmas Tree service that caters for business needs, practically and professionally. Our service ensures that your Christmas tree is hand-picked, delivered and decorated, with all the fuss associated with these yuletide festivities completely eliminated. This gives you the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the occasion, without running the risk of decorating-related workplace injuries.

Not only that, but with a wide range of colours to choose from you can select the perfect theme for your location, or even match your corporate branding. Simply order your Christmas Tree online, choose, real or artificial, with lights only or fully decorated. You can add wrapped decorative ‘presents’ to complete the finished look, and also add complementing wreaths and garlands.

Select your chosen delivery slot and pay for your tree. Planteria will contact you to confirm your exact delivery in November, and will then deliver and decorate your tree in situ on that date. We will also collect your tree on your pre-selected collection date after Christmas, this is all part of the service and included in the price.

No more attempting to hire a vehicle large enough to transport an enormous tree, all the while unloading and parking in a busy city centre. From your initial order all the way through to post-Christmas collection, we have you completely covered.

The Tale of our Christmas Trees

Our Christmas trees are grown on sustainable UK Christmas tree farms which harvest and replant trees every year. It generally takes about 10 years to grow a Christmas tree from seed to a size ready for cutting. A Christmas tree farm is carbon positive for most of the year as the trees absorb Carbon and emit Oxygen. Once a Christmas Tree has graced your office or venue, it can be recycled, typically sent through a chipper to be used as mulch for parks and green areas.

We start preparing for the holiday season in July and August, with our Tree specialists visiting Christmas tree farms to ‘tag’ the type and size of trees that we want on behalf of our clients, wandering through acres and acres of fields to pick out the perfect trees. The specific need of the client determines the type of tree we select for them: larger trees, which sell out quickly, are often reserved for clients with premises that call for larger statement centrepieces – particularly hotels with spectacular lobbies and organisations with airy atriums.


We offer a first come, first served basis for these larger trees, and therefore to avoid disappointment, we suggest that customers looking for a Christmas tree on a ‘grander’ scale – that is, 10 feet or taller – should order as early in the year as possible. These taller trees are sourced from a specialist farm in the South East and are show-stoppers to suit all spaces.


Christmas Trees for Busy Companies

When ordering a tree on behalf of your business, chances are that you have chosen a tree that is significantly larger than the standard, domestic tree and decorating it to an acceptably high standard will be incredibly difficult. Remember – this tree will be associated with your business. You need it to look the part.

Our corporate office Christmas trees service is a popular choice for this reason – delivered to a high standard, we are on point as far as colours and trends are concerned. This year, we have introduced two brand-new colour schemes, tapping into current fashion trends with Rose Gold, and a Silver & Gold combination. This is in addition to the classics; Red & Gold, and Blue & Silver, if these combinations aren’t to your taste, we have a eleven colour schemes available, all of which can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.

The top of a large christmas tree in a shopping centre. Tree has golden star atop and in the background you can see people going up an escalator

Want to Find Out More?

If our service sounds like something of interest to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together to meet your particular needs. Our professional team are versatile and operate successfully to achieve the look you desire at a cost-effective price, ensuring your vision becomes a reality and your holiday season remains entirely stress-free.

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