Tuesday, 15 Oct, 2019

Christmas Infographic! Corporate Party Planning


Planning the perfect corporate Christmas party can be extremely gratifying, but we also recognise that any business get-together comes with its trials and tribulations. Fortunately, we understand the importance of a professional party and are here to offer our assistance with a beautiful new infographic:

Corporate Christmas Party Infographic

As can be expected, British offices vary in how they celebrate the festive period, so we’ve gathered some facts for you to enjoy here:

  •          86% of organisations will host a Christmas Party!
  •          70% of organisations offer flexible hours during the festive period
  •          55% of employers give their staff gifts
  •          60% of employers don’t ask their teams how they want to celebrate!
  •          51% of organisations share end-of-year results

Above facts sourced from Perkbox.


Of the offices that do host Christmas parties…

  •         25% are expecting an all-expenses paid for occasion
  •         14% will have their event subsidised
  •         15% will receive a Christmas bonus
  •         10% will receive a gift
  •   28% thought their employer could do more for the company at Christmas

Above facts sourced from Onrec.


Also, did you know that Birmingham has the highest Christmas party expenditures per employee on average? A total of £37.06 per employee, compared to Exeter’s £8.76 at the bottom of the table, although other studies place London at the height of Christmas spending, so it all depends who you ask.

In the end, though, it all totals to around £1bn spent nationally by businesses celebrating the festive season.

We hope our infographic has helped you to plan an amazing Christmas this year, but don’t forget to order your Office Christmas Tree with us soon!

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