Benefits of Using Flowers in a Restaurant

Edible flowers look stunning on the plate, adding colour, texture and a different flavour dimension to the food. But restaurant table flowers have benefits, too – some of which may surprise you.

The Psychology of Colour

The colours that you choose for your restaurant tables will, of course, play into the overall décor. By choosing brighter, bolder colours, you’ll produce more of an energising vibe, whilst whites and creams paired with a variety of foliage are cool and calming, helping to relax diners before they eat.

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Stimulate the Senses

You won’t just be stimulating your diner’s eyes when you use flowers on your tables. Research from the Netherlands found that diners were in a more relaxed mood and able to enjoy their meals more when there were fresh flowers on the table. It seems that fresh floral scents put us in a better mood, prompting greater enjoyment. But choose lighter fragranced flowers as heavy scents can compete with the aromas of your food.

Mark a Special Occasion

Using fresh flowers is an instant way to mark a special occasion. Even if some common pairings seem clichéd, like red roses for Valentine’s Day, your diners will appreciate that extra thought, care, and attention to detail. You don’t have to stick with the safe choices, either. At Planteria, we can suggest some modern alternatives that still set the right mood.

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Clear the Air

Why stick to flowers on the tables? For a very contemporary edge, try small indoor plants that have air-purifying properties. Your entire restaurant will notice the benefit, and diners with friends who smoke will appreciate the cleaner air.

Make Emotional Connections

In a study conducted at Rutgers university, researchers found that flowers helped people create better emotional connections with friends and family, thanks to their mood-enhancing properties. Flowers create positive emotional enhancement because we subconsciously associate them with the act of sharing, enhancing the act of dining together in a restaurant.

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If you want to experience the benefits that flowers can bring to your restaurant, then contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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